Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How It All Began

Unbaked cheesecake. This is the cake that started my craze in cheese. The first time I tasted it, (Alinaz stall - Anjung Senja, 8 yrs ago) I thought oh god, this is the best cake ever! Ultimate cheese flavor. And then I learned u don't have to have an oven. Excellent! I must try. You don't always find this version of cheesecake in the bakery, it's always the baked one.

This afternoon I made one, but instead of the usual condensed milk ingredient I used double cream and top it with blueberry pie filling. Very light fluffy taste and not so 'tajam' the cheese (if u know what I mean).The picture isn't very nice looking. I haven't mastered the art of cutting a cake with crumbly crust base. The bottom crust is ok, the problem is with the side (I'm using a pie dish instead of springform tin). They get all crumbly and fall off when u cut a piece. Appreciate any tip from learned bakers out there.


whimsical said...

heheheh au setompok kek atu.tapi don't judge a book by its cover kan. yes readers out there, this cheese memang the ULTIMATE cake lah. fab mom, mana lebih nyaman? yg ani or pakai condensed milk? mana satu yg azim lebih suka? sila la jawap ya

yasminsanusi said...

Fobmom, dari buku yg aku baca katanya elok di frozen kan cheese cake tu, and then cut with a sharp knife in one stroke. After cutting,you can defrost dia. That way, you get a clean slice. Cuba la.
Yg kau buat ni mcm di Secret recipe kan ? Teringin pulak.

wanaryani said...

au....ngam nya c min atu....d dingin kan dulu....biar ia karas....mmmmm looks delis'!!!

fabmom said...

dua-dua pun sedap. tapi dari segi kos, cheaper lagi condensed milk la.
ok next time aku try. thanx a lot.