Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lemon Chicken

Another chicken dish for dinner. This time lemon chicken. Delicious. I should congratulate the author of The Malaysian Cook Book, where the recipe come from. Easy and proven good!
y orange slice instead of lemon? suka hati aku. ran out of lemon actually

So here it is Sri. The must-buy cookbook. Preston published, only RM 39 from MPH (not Aust).

There are glossaries on herbs and spices, for clueless like me who have no idea what is daun kaduk and daun salam, etc.

It's co-wrote by 2 chefs, one chinese muslim man and another malay woman.


whimsical said...

uiiii bagus o ada kamus bergambar lagi kan.yg lemon chic tu, u panggang dulu ka the chic? baru digauli dengan kuah lemon sunkist atu?

wanaryani said...

weyyyyyyyyy...bagusnya buku ni...inda juga mahal kan RM39 ganyaaaa.....hahahahah....yg penting bukan Australia mariiii....

fabmom said...

Deep fry Val. Tapi aku rasa bolehla kita kasi healthy dia, roast saja.