Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a Lunch !

Shabby's post on peria goreng made me think of Krishna Curry House, and so that's where we headed for lunch. I was starving, it was 1.40 pm. The restaurant was full. We were lucky to get a table. I didn't order the 'culprit', but opted for these..

Don't they look mouth-watering?
Mom-in-law had just one comment. The butter prawns although looked picture perfect but too salty. 'Sedap lagi yang ko bikin, Ni.' Heh..heheh..and she thinks they don't use butter, instead 'planta' only. Wah..dapat membezakan itu juga..
As I was busy taking pictures I didn't notice that Mr Owner noticed me and approached our table. AAAhhh..! He asked me to take his photo. Gulp! If I was with hubby, granted I'd be kicked under the table!
OK ! one for the blog. I asked him to pose with mom in law.


wanaryani said...

wahhhh...big lunch ehhh? tu talur lauk kah tu? yummyumm! sayang kan peria indada...kacau daun tul c krisna tu....baik inda kambang bulu makcik Jelima mu begambar sama kedidia???

fabmom said...

Dia macam confuse-confuse sikit. Bila aku xplain, barula..'oh..tauke..mama ingat negro mana..'

yasmin said...

handsome jugak si Krisna..hehe

wanaryani said...

haaaaa...memang macam negro!

whimsical said...

hahahahahahah sot komen komen kamu.geli hari aku membaca.