Sunday, March 30, 2008

Salad Sensation

I'm taking a break from baking. It's now salad time ! I got this fabulous book on salad that hubby bought for me months ago but I didn't get around to do. It has a complete list of starter salads, main course salads, classic salads, side salads, you name it.

Today I'm making a classic salad and a side salad.

For classic, it's Caesar Salad. The ingredients are much too simple, consisting only lettuce, croutons and some parmesan cheese. But it's all in the dressing which combine egg, lemon juice, garlic, lots of olive oil and a dash of worchestershire sauce. God! it's so yummy, delightful and it just goes well with the croutons you don't need anything else! The taste is so full-filling.

For side salad, it's one named Yoghurt Salad. It's a side, so the dressing is simple but you won't believe how a mixture of yoghurt and honey could wake your bud so much! It's sweet smelling too. It says natural yoghurt but I only had orange flavour light yoghurt. It works even better I think. The salad ingredients are grapes, cabbage, sultanas and 1/2 cup cashewnuts! Imagine crunchy, savoury, sweet..divine! I'm definitely making these over and over again.

You should all try these. It takes no time to prepare and it's yummy!

There are hundreds more in the book that I'm going to experiment one by one. So, just wait for my review.Happy Sunday!

Yoghurt Salad. I know the picture doesn't look much. I halved the recipe since it's only me & hubby. And for my own good, I cut down the cashewnuts.
Caesar Salad. Again the picture doesn't do justice. But belive me, the taste is superb.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Medical Check-up

Today I went for my annual medical check up. It's early for this year, I normally do around August but I missed last year, so I'm making up. Also, SMC launched their health screening packages so I just go for it. Took the executive package & add some tests for women health.

First they take your height, weight, test eyesight (macam apply kerja baru pula kan?).
Then Body Mass Index and Body Fat test.
Then blood test, urine test, blood pressure, pap smear (i hate this & u can't always get a lady doctor.this is one of those time).
Next ECG (for jantung, just in case). Then ultrasound for abdomen and pelvic. Finally the chest x-ray.
Done in 2 hours. Results in a week. Hope everything alright.

Now I got that off my list, I can focus to the next project. Still got something I'd like to do for my new image. (astaga..nda sudah sudah ). I can't let on now, I'll tell u when I've done it. Surprise !

Have a nice weekend y'all !

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new buy

Fabmom has ditched her old office-looking glasses and got herself a new pair which is trendier to go with her new status as a full-time blogger. (motif.perlu ka?).
It just siap today. Fabulous? I think it's pretty and not over the top.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

My house is full of kids. My in-laws came visiting. Since I still have the choc cake ingredients, I thought I make use of them and treat the kids with home-made muffins. I got the recipe from Wanita, this month issue.
Very easy recipe. You just combine everything and whisk. No need to mix dry and wet ingredients separately first. The only downside is the measuring. All in metric not cups, even the eggs. It doesn't tell u how many eggs, instead 175ml eggs. So that u've to go breaking one by one while measuring. Complete cumbersome! I think I messed up a bit on that part. Lucky, it came out alright.

It filled up 15 cups. Yummy..and the kitchen smells wonderful.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eggless Cake

My poor daughter craved for chocolate cake. But she is allergic to eggs. So I browsed everywhere for an eggless cake. I found one which is eggless and also milkless chocolate cake. I wonder how it could work. But it did! and u won't know it if I didn't tell u so. It tastes just like an ordinary cake, while it's hot that is. After a while it tastes rather bland. So I put on generous frosting on top. I let her decorate it, and this is her finished work.

Dinner Time

No I didn't cook these. Suspens ya. This is Prapeni Thai Restaurant.
It's been a while since we last dine out, so last night we went to this restaurant just the other side of the road.
We ordered Ikan Tiga Rasa, Tom Yam Seafood, Ayam Goreng Kicap, Kangkung belacan.
The kids had mee goreng and nasi goreng.
The Ikan is the family favourite so it's gone in a matter of seconds. 'Pirana' kan. The tom yam was exceptionally hot this time. I knew I was gonna be in trouble as I was having a sore throat. Sudah sore throat mau lagi melantak tom yam. I thought I burned my throat. It felt like that. Tapi tetap menggagahi. I paid for it later that night, coughing like mad and could hardly sleep.
The total costs for the dinner was RM 74 for the 6 of us. taste bud is satisfied at the moment. I have another craving u know. Grazie . I's been ages too..but I should give it a rest I think. Another round of oily food, throat couldn't take it. So I'll get myself better first. Finish this antibiotic. And then we'll see.

Friday, March 21, 2008

my kids n the new home

my kids were thrilled to bits about moving. they won't stop complaining why so 'lambat', each time we passed the house. and they are especially very excited about their rooms. abang and adik share a room. and they argued about who get to have the best bed ( by the window overlooking the backyard pond). and kakak is smug about having a room all to herself.

but guess what? now that we're here, none of them wants to sleep by themselves...takut la, nda best la..
the first night we moved, we let them all camped in our room. next night we were strict. still they didn't dare sleep alone. so they decided, that all of them sleep in the boys room and insist the maid accompany them! they have to pull in a big mattress and everyone squeezed in there!
and that's not all. the little one would walk out in the middle of the night and knock on our room! we let him in ofcourse. but we won't take him in the first place. let him do it every night until it wears him off. he still does it every night...

the first thing they did when they woke up, was ran out to the pond and searched for the frog they thought they saw the day before. funny, whimsical should mention turtle. becos that's exactly what they request as a pet. they've been whining about it. i've ruled out cats, and hamsters or any fur animals. it won't do for their asthma. so they pleaded for turtle. had i known it would be found nearby by whimsical, i would have asked her to get out and pick it up and hurl it into our lawn? matila..

literally camping in our room

checking out frog

lazying about in the afternoon

hubby let them loose with the hose


we had our first bbq at the new home last night sempena cuti Maulidur Rasul (connection?).
such a pity it was raining tho' we still managed to do it just a little bit outdoor.
couldn't take photos as fabmom was busy entertaining n then distracted by the little one who suddenly got itchy eye and it progressively became red and swollen. adui!!! thankfully i've got the opthalmic cream and the problem subsided over time.

the rain didn't go on all night, luckily. normally its quaint n quiet here. suddenly i find the big house buzzed with noise. big noise. kids running around in the yard. some others blasting the CD games volume. maids giggling in the kitchen. the ladies in the living room, the men at the!

nda best kan tiada pictures.still, i'm not sure if i can upload it. weird internet connection here. i'm using celcom line, 3G watcher. our TMB line not connected yet.

it's a long weekend. so what are u guys up to?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Labuan 13-16 March

This is the wedding I told u about, whimsical. Same parents name & everything. Pak Su's name is Ahmad.Mak Su is Minah. Their daughter is Zila, the one who's getting married. The groom's father is Haji Ahmad, his mother is Minah. And he's got a younger sister who is same age as Zila and her name is ,.... u guess it, Zila ! Coincidence overdose, I say.

Tried a million times but still could not post pictures. Stupid, crazy internet problems.
OK pictures updated.

Julia & cousins manning the door gifts.

These 2 escaped duty

Under the weather

Fabulous mom is feeling not so fabulous right now. Down with irritating flu. And I think the kids caught it too. When I'm especially not in the mood for a clinic visit.Sigh.
Was in Labuan last weekend. Hubby's cousin got married. Very tiring but fun anyway. The pictures, later.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

my sunday

Just had my siblings, nieces and nephews came over for lunch, continued to tea. Going over the election results and other gossips. Usual weekend affair. Waited for our eldest brother for latest development, but alas he was off sleeping when contacted. Tired from staying up last night..

How's your take on the results? I'm impressed with Nurul Izzah for successfully winning against a full minister. And I hope someone presented that 'broom' to Khir Toyo. Yes, please clean yourself now ! u need it more than those agencies u suggested for!
And there goes the end of Samy Vellu & friends.
Only i'm dissappointed that the revolting KJ won.

Chao now!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

moving in

alright what the heck! i'll let u see my home.these r some of the latest pictures.

julia's room

dining area

living room

stairs - took the longest to finish

dining & dry kitchen

master bedroom - opposite bed

i don't know how to susun these pictures. so just help yourself.

Friday, March 7, 2008

moving out, moving in

Ok, TV moved in, mattresses in, curtains all done. We are checking in to our new home this Sunday ! u won't believe how much cleaning and recleaning AND recleaning we've done. this thing never seem to finish. should i post pic here? but i'm conscious everybody will see. u r all gonna get invited..someday..anyway (hikhikhik).

are u peope casting votes tomorrow? HAPPY VOTING!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


yello!! here i come !
i've been enjoying staying home but i'm exhausted! thank goodness i've finally got a maid. will update stories and post some pic soon.see ya!