Friday, March 21, 2008

my kids n the new home

my kids were thrilled to bits about moving. they won't stop complaining why so 'lambat', each time we passed the house. and they are especially very excited about their rooms. abang and adik share a room. and they argued about who get to have the best bed ( by the window overlooking the backyard pond). and kakak is smug about having a room all to herself.

but guess what? now that we're here, none of them wants to sleep by themselves...takut la, nda best la..
the first night we moved, we let them all camped in our room. next night we were strict. still they didn't dare sleep alone. so they decided, that all of them sleep in the boys room and insist the maid accompany them! they have to pull in a big mattress and everyone squeezed in there!
and that's not all. the little one would walk out in the middle of the night and knock on our room! we let him in ofcourse. but we won't take him in the first place. let him do it every night until it wears him off. he still does it every night...

the first thing they did when they woke up, was ran out to the pond and searched for the frog they thought they saw the day before. funny, whimsical should mention turtle. becos that's exactly what they request as a pet. they've been whining about it. i've ruled out cats, and hamsters or any fur animals. it won't do for their asthma. so they pleaded for turtle. had i known it would be found nearby by whimsical, i would have asked her to get out and pick it up and hurl it into our lawn? matila..

literally camping in our room

checking out frog

lazying about in the afternoon

hubby let them loose with the hose


wanaryani said...

wahhhh...bestnya pindah rumah...& BBQ. wish ada picture to look attt hmmmmm....Best kah tinggal rumah baru yang gedek?

fabmom said...

best la kot..tapi gedek nya..'terasa' juga la time membersihkan.

whimsical said...

heheh i shd have halau the turtle to pagar u kan, but quite menggelikan o, very slimy bah the body. the kids memang yang paling enjoy rumah baru kan. miles and miles of yard to roam around