Monday, August 17, 2009

weekend update

we were in hubby's kampung on the weekend. ada kenduri dan upacara meraikan majlis berkhatan for my eldest son. ini adat macam majlis bersanding. di rias macam pengantin, dibacakan doa, di tepung tawar. all the works u know.

my handsome son jadi pengantin sekejap.

he's not alone. ada kawan dia yang sama2 bersunat, also neighbour belakang rumah. kalau sorang, menangis juga dia kali nda mau.

nampak songkok dorang tu. hihihi. mau tempah?

i don't think masih ramai yang amalkan adat ni kan. he is first male grandchild so there's no question about it. his grandma insists.

they are always together whenever cuti sekolah. his best friend in kampung. they'll have this cute picture for memory when they are all grown up :p

Saturday, August 8, 2009

julia is 9

my daughter turned 9 on 6th august. together celebrating with her is her 1 year-younger cousin, whose birthday on 7th august. we coincided the party with our kenduri arwah held last night. her younger cousin is bigger than her :p
i made a pink castle cake for her. i wanted to do a matching princess cake for the cousin but got too tired :D. so just a simple flower cake. (double standard ..:p)

some of our food. my sisters & brothers each contributed a dish.

and while shopping for my girl's present last week, i got myself a new pair of shades.
lain yang bday, lain yang dapat hadiah :D.
this one is fixed with powered lens. since me & contact lens aren't good friends i have to opt for powered sunglass. the normal glass with transition lens aren't enough for me in a hot blazing day esp when driving. cantik ka? ok la kan untuk hari raya :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

august post

i'm in lazyland. sangat tiada mood mengupdate blog. but 2 weeks is my limit for slacking. if i continue, i'd never update at all. so much for writer career, as my facebook quiz
so these are updates of the past week.
last thursday, my kids' school closed down due to H1N1 case. bikin risau juga ni selsema khinzir. mau keluar ke mana2 with my kids nowadays pun i'm worried. we don't dare go swimming. u don't know who is walking around with 'it' out there.

and here's the real bummer. i've purchased tickets to KL (months ago before this outbreak in KK), for the coming school break. u think this case will die down by then (3rd week aug) or get worst? likely the latter kan. camana la kami tu aa? pakai mask ka ke sana ke mari. hmmph. sungguh spoiler.

on a merry note, i've enjoyed 2 tea parties the past 3 days. good food always lift my mood :p friday, tea for group bini2 rangka. S,V i think that was one of the best parties we had kan frens? anak2 bermain sendiri nda mengacau n the food was a blast despite short notice, esp the fish mee soup from whimsy.

tapi tiada pula gambar sup nya. nda terambil.

the next day, i hosted another tea party for family, to celebrate my nephew's 20th birthday. simple food nothing fancy but everyone was there, that made my day.

very likely next week there'll be another gathering, our family's kenduri arwah and also my daughter's birthday. after that, i'm looking forward for whimsy's bday lunch at Hyatt. (awas! nda boleh ubah..hehehe). last bah, before puasa. macam la puasa nda makan..sama juga sungkai berabis! :p

i'll be back with more updates, hopefully not too long.

happy monday!