Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank You

Thankful to Allah for the love that surrounds me everyday that I live. Thankful for my beautiful family and sweet friends. Your thoughts and prayers are priceless. I am blessed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The past week I pray for..

Health and happiness for my youngest son. He is 10. We had the party the day before polling as he insisted to not postphoning it another week. Nasib baik kek sudah sedia awal. He is crazy about Chelsea. Stencilling the logo from fondant is all I could think of. Not that great looking but he appreciates my effort and likes it. Bless him.

Fun outing on polling day. Macam hari raya ni berkumpul2 sama family. Don't you think so?
My prayers are for our beloved country's  peace and stability and racial harmony regardless the ruling government's party. Please may we stay a united nation.

My son did us proud, coming top of the year for his school in the Seminar PMR KRK and Top 2 from overall 5 schools of Pantai Barat. I hope he maintains the pace for the real deal in October. Oooo.. nda lama lagi tu kan..aku pula yang kecut perut.

My prayers everyday are always , safe and success for my kids , blessed life for all my family and may we not stray from Allah's path. Mudah-mudahan. Amin.