Sunday, March 31, 2013

another tournament

i've been meaning to update but it's too hot to blog. it is. we're in dead summer aren't we.

except footballer son, the rest of my kids are still at their grandma's. we got there wednesday only for Helmi to announce the coach confirmed a match on Saturday, a game match not a friendly so he needed to be back on Friday.  he is in another tournament, Junior KK League. his team is Sporting Kinabalu FC, consisting of St Agnes plus All Saints under 13 players. they're still in the first round, and doing not too bad, won 3 out of 4 matches so far. he was actually required to come for  daily training during the school break, but we thought we pulled him out for a bit rest case he burnt out. he's been home late after school EVERY day from training since 2 months ago and then there's the game every Saturday.

yesterday's game was entertaining. normally i didn't stay. i send him an hour early (as required by coach) and come back half hour into the game but since i don't have the other kids errand to bother me, i stayed and watch the earlier game while my son and his mates do warm up. i was enjoying the match ,both teams were good when an injury happened. this boy did a backflip and landed on his wrist. oh god. small relief it's the left hand but that hand went limp and the agony on his face just...poor lad. i'm not too sure,  either he tore a ligament or something (is there ligament in the wrist?) or crack a bone because he needed a sling right away before he could get up and whisked to the hospital. 

so ofcourse i quickly tell son he needn't need do that, tidak payah lipat macam sepaktakraw tendang biasa ja..
they were up against the Rhinos. waaa..takutnya nama...but alas the name don't live up. they crashed Rhinos Junior 6-0. To be fair this Rhinos physique is nothing remotely like rhino. they're so small they look like 8 yo instead of under 13. (reminds me of their first match 3 months ago against was lopsided like that). little rhinos..i guess  they do have the spirit..they're fighters, never giving up even tho they were losing and a couple of them got real skills. only they can't get past the tall and big defenders from All Saints. it was very exciting to watch them play. 2 of their players are twins, one is Abang, one is Kembar. and both skilled players. cute and skilled.

i don't have good, sharp pictures of him in action, or the other team i was too busy finding shade and avoiding migraine. he's in jersey no 10.

back to school tomorrow. back to black monday. enjoy your week.