Sunday, July 24, 2011

the long awaited high tea and some shopping

I enjoyed high tea yesterday with beloved friends whom I don't see often enough lately. I guess the next time we do tea will be after Raya. It was to celebrate their birthday this year, one in July one in August.

I'm happy they like my birthday presents which I got an hour earlier.

Tea was great. So much more buffet spread on Saturday, the only downside being the place too crowded and noisy.

S made us go shopping and I ended up buying 2 dresses when I've vowed not to splurge anymore. Hate her.

But the lovely thing were so irresistable. Take a look.

I really like the pattern and the rich color.

The turquoise in this one pops out the dress and the v neck looks elegant.

And they both do look gorgeous on me don't they? (sila muntah)
They're just the right size and length. I've worn one (purple) last night to kenduri. It's very comfy.

Well, see you and happy fasting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the school trip

So he came back ok. He didn't lose his wallet, didn't need to pay for excess luggage or anything, he liked the trip and he like his new friends.

When they left for Singapore last Tuesday, it was on a high note. The Principal was on cloud 9, the school having just won the Dance World Cup in Paris. Did you read about that ? Sabah College came out champion. Find it here .

at KK airport

First thing they did upon arriving Singapore , before check-in to their rooms or anything, was to set out on the first trip - Night Safari. Pandai cikgunya kan...memanfaatkan masa.

And then for everyday during their stay, they visit  the twinning school -Juying Secondary, sit through their lessons and learn about their subjects  and syllabus. For each visiting student, Juying assigned one of their own as a host to socialise, entertain and exchange notes with. Adzim's counterpart, or 'buddy' as they term it is a Secondary 3 student, named Jasmin.
Jasmin is the red shirt guy, next to him (the one with big smile) is the buddy of Adzim's room mate (the serious guy).

So the buddy is the one who takes them around the school, showing them what and where and how.

The classroom is impressive. No battered or half broken wooden desks and chairs. Only good quality plastic furnitures.

And the school building has lifts.

They were put up at the school's hostel and Adzim said it's unlike the asrama back home, but rather like an apartment.

The hostel is named YoHa for Your Habitat.

When the school sessions over, they went out for trips, bringing  the buddies along, to places like the  Science Centre, Bird Park , and a river cruise off Clark Quay.

Science Centre

 bird park

the river cruise

On their last night, they performed a dance for the school.

My boy is at the back wearing yellow.

After 4 days, checking out from the school on Friday.

saying goodbye to singapore friends

They were not off to the airport yet. They had one more day before the flight home. So it was on  to another 'school trip'. The important trip. Why. THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO. You think the teachers will let slip this important piece of detail from the itinerary? Not a chance. Goodbye school, here comes fun.

He loved it. He went on all the rides we missed the first time. The crate adventure at Madagascar, the roller coaster ride- cyclone at Sci Fi City and  spent all his money on keychains and stuffs.

They were grouped in 4s and 5s and since they were more girls than boys, girls made up most of the group. He was stuck with 3 girls the entire time. But I don't think he mind. They had too much fun to care.

They finally checked in to a hotel past 9pm. Grand Sanda Hotel. I don't know where exactly is that. And stayed up all night going over the trip.

Next morning before airport they chanced one last walkabout at the Merlion Park.


Friday, July 15, 2011

my mind is far away

I'm still here, I'm just drifting away in lazyland. But time to get up and pull the socks. The month is wrapping up, can you believe it, soon we are fasting.

But right now, I'm preoccupied with thoughts of my eldest son being away from us for the first time. He's now in Singapore on a school trip. He's gone for 5 days. I'm not worried, I'm sure he's ok and enjoying it. I'm anxious how he's coping, you know handling his own luggage and stuffs. All this while, he never lift a finger when we travel. I pack his clothes, I pick what he wears, everthing is laid down on the bed when he gets out of shower. I tell him when to take his vitamins/medicines. He does nothing. NOTHING.

He's bunking with a Form 4 student so I'm hoping he could learn a few tips from the older kid, although when I met that boy at the airport, he didn't look that much mature to sama ja nda berakal...semua mama yang tunjukkan, dimana scan beg pun nda tau....

Ini kali la...habislah migraine cikgu2 nya mengurus dorang ni..

I'm excited to hear everything about the trip when he gets back tomorrow night. Maybe I'll share with you.
In the mean time, I'm off to Labuan in a couple of hours with the rest of my kids for kenduri arwah.

See you in a bit.