Sunday, July 24, 2011

the long awaited high tea and some shopping

I enjoyed high tea yesterday with beloved friends whom I don't see often enough lately. I guess the next time we do tea will be after Raya. It was to celebrate their birthday this year, one in July one in August.

I'm happy they like my birthday presents which I got an hour earlier.

Tea was great. So much more buffet spread on Saturday, the only downside being the place too crowded and noisy.

S made us go shopping and I ended up buying 2 dresses when I've vowed not to splurge anymore. Hate her.

But the lovely thing were so irresistable. Take a look.

I really like the pattern and the rich color.

The turquoise in this one pops out the dress and the v neck looks elegant.

And they both do look gorgeous on me don't they? (sila muntah)
They're just the right size and length. I've worn one (purple) last night to kenduri. It's very comfy.

Well, see you and happy fasting.


Val said...

Memang si s mau di sipak!!bikin kambuh shopaholics!!! Tapi berbolai kan.lawa eh!!!! Apa komen si Ira d purple pucci?

fabmom said...

hehe..c ira..dia nda jeles sebab dia x iski mau berjubah..azim bilang cantik..tapi y biru dia bilang cam stripe harimau..aiyaa..betulkah? biarla harimau malaya.

val said...

hahahahahahah ok bah biru tu.biru muda.harimau muda bilang