Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Fiesta

Don't you just love Friday? End of the workdays. End of sending-kids-to school days. The day to unwind. The day to relax and let it loose. Nowadays I've got another reason to love Friday. This monthly 'do' we have on Fridays. Feast! Food! Friends! Fiesta!

Let me tell you about our fiesta today. No. 1 on impressive list is Whimsy's goodie basket. Not having managed to bring any potluck before (oopppss!..) , she sure impressed me with her beautiful picnic basket today (she decorated herself). What's inside? How about this! Pretty colorful jelly in a cute serving dish. Became the favorite of little Sofea.And this! Tiers of chicken sandwich and chicken 'wrap'. Complete with the platter. Menyenangkan host. Sedap. Memang sedap.
(Macam aku tergigit nenas, whimsy! ko campur nenas ka?)
There's another one she brought. Lemon cheese cake. I forgot to snap. Delicious too. That's a no-fail dish.
Impressive don't you think? Very wife-material isn't she? Hik!

And then, Super shabbymom brought the star of the feast, Chicken Risoles. Very successful recipe. Simply delicious. I found my picky son gobbling 2 pc of it.

Chicken risoles. Best while hot.

Tiramisu. Also by Shabbymom.

Best kan host. Tak payah sedia apa-apa. Just serve tea and some humble kuih keria. Hihihi.

New 'tea party' members, Nonong and Wati. Maybe next 'tea' we'll get to see their place.wink.

So even if it's raining, even if the maid's gone home, I welcome Friday. It's still the best day. Hubby & I had just sent off our kids to their cousin's place for them to stay the night there. Which means.....TONIGHT we have the house ALL to ourselves. wink......!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malay Kuih

Ya puan-puan, untuk rancangan masakan hari ini, kita mencuba resipi kuih Melayu. Asyik-asyik carrot cake, chocolate cake, bread pudding aje jemu juga kan?
Motif aku cakap Malaya?

I suddenly had the urge to eat kuih keria yesterday and there happened to be ubi keledek lying around - 3 biji. Just perfect.

Makes 15 pc.
Before adding sugar.
After adding sugar. Quickly disappear. By the time I wanted to take pic, only 2 left.

This is one of the easiest kuih to make. The thing is, if you buy this from the stall, they usually put more flour than ubi, so it's not so tasty. You can be generous at home. I made mine with as little flour as possible (just enuf to form dough), and add a spoon of butter to make it crispy. And the sugar coating, you can omit it if you're counting calorie, instead add a little in the dough for taste. Yummy. I'm serious. A good option from the oily cucur ubi keledek or messy bubur cha-cha. Give it a try!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kids Day Out

UMS Aquarium. Have u all been there? It's not a big place but they've redeveloped it since they it first started so it's not too bad. We brought the kids there on Saturday with my sister and her children. These are the marine lives on display.

Quite beautiful aren't they. The corals are amazing. This place open daily 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Entrance fee is RM 2 per child and RM 5 per adult but there's a family fare of RM 10 for 2 adults + 2 children.

My sister packed a lunch and we had the picnic around the campus canteen area. We wanted to go down to ODEC, but unfortunately (a real unfortunate) it was unlucky.

This is all I could snap before my cam batt conked.

So the foods couldn't make it here.hehe..but as always with my sis, her picnic box bukan yang alang-alang punya. She made chicken rendang, fried chicken, sambal bilis, serunding udang kering, hot drinks, cold drinks, mineral water...cukuplah untuk seminggu kalau di hutan.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Home & Garden

How was your Sunday? Quite bleak maybe. Cloudy all day, wasn't it?
My Sunday was spent doing home & garden stuffs. We went to Pasar Tani in the morning, got some plants (flowers&fruits) and then in the afternoon browsed for some home furnitures. We found the high chairs for the breakfast counter we've been looking for (actually waiting for the 'sale').
My kids do their homework here too.
And Shabbymom, can u picture your girls sitting here, scooping ice cream? (wink, next trip ha)
This we bought last week. Hubby's fav spot to read papers. Gugurls! next time we have our tea here. mom-in-law is soo into this, these days.
Hubby's 'farmer' side showed..he bought pokok rambutan, ciku & laici ..maklumlah..mau mengembangkan ODOI Putatan. Let's hope jadi. Selingan - at Gaya Street, somebody tried to be creative with his puppy. Nda pun cute.
My kids were irritated that we left them in the house all day to buy nonsense and demanded to go swimming. It was 4.00pm, it was drizzling. I did asked their aunts and uncles to come over so they can play with their cousins but everybody was busy and tired, nobody can come, so I told them if you're so bored, we'll go to Kiddies (Sutera Marina). If it stops raining, then we can swim.

As it happened, it did stop rain around 5.30 pm so off they went to the pool. (it's easier to wake them up for school Monday if they had a good weekend)

All in all a good Sunday. I wish you all (esp Whimsy) a not-black Monday!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tea Party III

Foodies gang got together again for tea party today. Pasal makan jangan lawan. Ekonomi gawat ka..gempa bumi ka..tea party tetap berjalan seperti biasa. I soo couldn't wait for it..there were so much things we wanted to talk, plenty of 'latest developments' to catch up on, so I was delighted they turned up early.
Apa-apa pun makan dulu..baru story. I made them spaghetti, egg sandwich, cupcakes, carrotcake, choc cake and bread pudding. I hope they were well fed.My messy cupcakes. Did it just for Adek. She likes to just lick the icing off. But today, after the entree of icecreams ( no picture), she didn't pay much attention to these anymore.
Carrotcakes, choc eggless cake and bread pudding.
Shabbymom brought me these, homemade choc chipsmore. Yummy.
Wrapped prettily in a biscuit tin.
And very moist choc chip cupcakes.
Adek, clearly enjoying her spaghetti.

They started to get bored after eating and pulled on antics. At one point, Kakak poured water on Adek's head!..hahahahah!!! (don't worry about it Shabbymom). So we proceeded outdoor. Let them play ball and ran around.
A distraction. Somebody spotted frog in the pond.
If you look hard, there's a tiny frog at the corner. Blend very well with the pond.
Chacha showing her camera to Helmy and let him take a look. Which she regretted as Helmy took off and went snappy happy and ignored her plea to return it. Poor dear!
This one is a clear outdoor person! Having the time of her life running around in the field and trying comically to shield herself from the sun glare.

A tour in the garden. My ripe tomatoes. I've used them and yes they are sweet.

My chilli plants.They each get a plastic of these, compliment from Fabmom's vegetable patch.
Three hours flew too fast. They had to leave already. We're so doing this again. Bye Shabbymom!
Bye Whimsy! Please come again! You guys are welcome anytime!!