Sunday, June 8, 2008

School Hols Finale

Right. The kids had their last fun today before preparing for school tomorrow. (Yes, what a dreadful prospect). We gotta party invitation from Nonong (my ex-neighbour) for her daughter's birthday held at Sutera Marina. And what a fun party it was, with clown, lots of games, good food and ofcourse, fabulous host.
The birthday girl, Jasmin. Every year looking prettier.The mom, Nonong.

Cute cake!

Great fun! the kids enjoyed it so much.


Shabbymom said...

wow...punya cepat postnya....bestnya the party...rugi kami inda pigi, well what to do kami ada hal.....hey...where's the pic of the foodies?.....anyway...happy birthday sweet Jasmin!!!

whimsical said...

tema party white ke?nicey nicey. lain cerita, bila teaparty kita?

fabmom said...

macam Fri la kan? Friday 13th. r u superstitious?

whimsical said...

ok set!superstitious ka inda, teaparty tetap ku harungi!!!!

Mana posting baru?kasi update tamatus u.suda u guna ka?

whimsical said...

si poppet bilang mesti i tagg 1 org.aku suda tagged u!hahahahaha