Monday, December 19, 2011

splashy holiday

I've finished reading the last of many books piled on my bedside table courtesy of Logos Hope and Popular clearance sale. It was perfect when the house was empty 2 weeks ago, the kids off at their grandma, and it rained everyday. Most ideal reading weather.

And then the kids back I have to put it down and we packed up to spend 2 nights at a splendid resort villa not too far out of town. Splendid place. To say the villa has a beautiful ocean view is an understatement. The ocean was right at the door step. Listening to the waves and nothing else made us feel in a far away land. Peace and quite and heavenly. Although its also high tide season and at night fall , the view was both amazing and scary.

The narrow pool at the side of the house made it very fun for the kids. They were practically in the water all day long coming out for food and sleep only. Seriously. Until their lips blue and their fingertips wrinkled. If we don't hear waves we hear splashes around here.

We all went into the ocean and played for hours. Mother in law was having so much fun. She thought its been 20 years since she last swam in the ocean.

We had bbq the second night and got sleepy early from too much swimming and eating. You should see my mother in law in action in the kitchen. With minimum equipments, she made proper dinner and then a dessert of bubur durian. Try and beat that.

Think I pen off here. My 2 sisters and a friend are back from their vacation. Its time to catch up stories. See ya.