Sunday, May 31, 2009

boy to man

he's had it. he's now a man. my young man.

my eldest had his circumcision done 2 days ago. he was up early that day(I didn't think he slept much). he was nervous but anxious to get it over. we got a friend's son doing it together with him so he'll get company. he was high spirited early on but but grew paler leading to the appointment although him and his friend kept exchanging encouraging words and half-hearted jokes in effort to play down the fear (sometime at this point, me & hubby couldn't contain our mirth).

i accompanied him inside together with hubby and i held his hand (they were cold) through out. i told him to recite doa everytime he felt pain to take his minds off. he did so and he was ok, didn't shed a tear. i think he was imagining worst. nowadays its not that gruesome.

but once at home, when anaesthetic died down, ho...that painkiller couldn't be strong enough. but next day it all got much better. he's still sore but he can walk, less gingerly and gone is the excruciating pain. i'm so relieved.

Monday, May 18, 2009

great weekend

Yes, weekend was great. And 'great' for me almost usually means lots of eating. I stuffed myself with cakes all weekend. I got 3 cakes in the fridge.My 2 best friends gave me a nice birthday cake on Saturday (tq anies!taste good) and we had a lovely lunch party. Nice. I'm still tasting the kari kepala ikan 'bomba' in my throat.

I made a carrot cake, for my friends. And I still got 3 big slices left.

Hubby & kids got me Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe the next day. My fav. But I have to stop myself from stuffing my face in it. Today I nearly got migraine, after finishing half of the cake .

Birthday was low-key. We just had a nice day out with the kids. Browsing around Warisan Square before the kids had a go at the bookstore.

When we got home, while I was busy putting away the stuffs, they quietly got out the cake, light the candles, arranged their presents on the side and sang happy birthday to me. I was still kneeling at the shoe shelf unaware things were getting a bit quiet and they have assembled around the cake, similing goofily. Duiii...

Opening of presents. I was ordered to start with daddy's present, then Adzim, Julia & Helmi and I need to kiss them each.

Gotta couple cookbooks from hubby. A vase of flowers from Adzim, a cute little thingy (paper weighter or something) from Julia and love pillow from Helmi. I love you all. I love you.

From S & V, I got a beautiful cuppy stand.

I love it. Thanx guys!! perfect. Just what I need for Raya.
Great weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Do

Hello all. How's your Mother's Day?

At the risk of boring you with yet another makan story, I'm going to share our Mother's Day celebration last night.
It was not really planned. We lacked idea where to bring MIL. We ended up at Sutera Marina, after the kids had their swimming. But instead of the usual Marina restaurant , we headed to Spice Island upstairs. A nice quiet restaurant, traditionally set.

The mommies in hubby's family - me, my MIL and my SIL.

The table has interesting setting. Wooden crafted bowl of dried spice and miniature old-style tricycle carrying a little bag of chips for appetizers. For drinks, we were served a complimentary 'jamu' of tea infused with serai, halia, madu and nutmeg. Nice. I think I'm gonna try it at home (S & V ! mau ka kamu tea party nanti aku serve ini! wakakakakkaa!!!)

Our menu. Hubby's pick. Nasi beriyani bakar topped with roti nan-(this one is interesting and sedap as well. Inside the nasi, there's all kinds of stuffs! ayam, lamb,udang,telur puyuh!) . The rest of our menu - Sotong sumbat, sayur manis and chicken tikka. All very tasty. Tidak banyak kami order. Hubby's side not as 'pemakan' as ours...hehe..kalau kami nda cukup tu. The last time we were here (me& hubby), I got crazy with this one dish - ikan masak minang. Punyaaa sedaaap. And the portion is a lot. I recommend you this one. But we didn't order this time cos the type of fish they use is not in my MIL's list of edible fish. She's picky with fish. To top that, she doesn't take meat. Any kind. So only seafood for her, and selective ones.

And these are what I got from my children. It seems the daughter continues to be the most creative one. But I appreciate each their thoughts all the same.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

another weekend, another makan-makan

Yes, yes, yes. May is the party month. I'll be blogging food every week now.

Last night we had bbq dinner party for Helmi's 6th birthday.
Aside from the bakar-bakar dishes (chicken wings, sotong, lamb, satay), we had masakan kampung- pucuk ubi masak lemak, ulam and kari ikan.

We had a fun time.

Have a great weekend and happy mother's day !!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Weekend was great , filled with aktiviti makan-makan. I like, I like.
Friday night, my house crowded with in-laws and anak-anak buah (frm Lbn). We had pesta ambuyat. Best! (tiada gambar, nda lagi sempat ambil).

The next night we had steamboat and bbq. My ipar won this steamboat & bbq set in a lucky draw last year and been putting it to good use. Simple fare but delicious. Just soup, kept boiled to cook in veges, noodles, fishballs, etc while on the side a sizzling hot plate to roast pieces of seafood, meat and sausages. Ala-ala healthy meal la konon, tiada nasi. Tapi macam berkilo-kilo la seafood kami makan. LOL.

My inlaws left on Sunday.Jadi berakhir kah kisah makan-makan? TIDAK.

I dragged hubby to this place for a quiet dinner on Monday night. Our seats overlooking this lovely pemandangan. Beautiful kan? This is Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant at First Beach Tg Aru. The one shabbymom featured earlier.

I had sole-fish. Sedap tapi portion nya a bit too little for me. Nda kenyang.

Hubby had lamb..apa ntah nama dia. Again, damitnya portion kan. Ini saja? Tapi taste, no complain. Sedap.
For dessert, we had chocolate chantilly (buy 1 free 1). Lupa snap. Most heavenly.

AND then..aktiviti melahap continued to Tuesday.
Yeay! yeay! Geng pemakan berjumpa di Restoran mewah kegemaran mereka (kah!kah!kah!) for dim sum lunch. Silk Garden Sutera Harbour Pacific.

Half gone fried yam cake, fried sesame balls, steamed schezuan dumpling, steamed clear prawn dumpling, steamed..erm something..lupa sudah. Six dim sum dishes. And then we each had small rice porridge (no picture).

And then we had sayur sawi bunga in oyster sauce.

And the star of the lunch, butter prawns. Ini yang paling mahal kami order (wakakakaka!!) tapi so worth it. Tanpa menghiraukan diet, kami 'savour every last specs of the buttery eggs crumbles'...ermmmmm sungguh nyummy.
I like our lunch. We finished everything, tiada pembaziran dan nda juga terlampau kenyang. Just nice.
Ok, till next time, happy Wednesday!