Sunday, May 31, 2009

boy to man

he's had it. he's now a man. my young man.

my eldest had his circumcision done 2 days ago. he was up early that day(I didn't think he slept much). he was nervous but anxious to get it over. we got a friend's son doing it together with him so he'll get company. he was high spirited early on but but grew paler leading to the appointment although him and his friend kept exchanging encouraging words and half-hearted jokes in effort to play down the fear (sometime at this point, me & hubby couldn't contain our mirth).

i accompanied him inside together with hubby and i held his hand (they were cold) through out. i told him to recite doa everytime he felt pain to take his minds off. he did so and he was ok, didn't shed a tear. i think he was imagining worst. nowadays its not that gruesome.

but once at home, when anaesthetic died down, ho...that painkiller couldn't be strong enough. but next day it all got much better. he's still sore but he can walk, less gingerly and gone is the excruciating pain. i'm so relieved.


Just plain Sharon said...

berani oh anakmu. Apa present keberaniannya fabmom?

fabmom said...

haha present. all he wants is bercuti d kampung nenek. so we're going in a few days time.

whimsical said...

kambuh sudah luka si abang?

Shabbymom said...

Tahniah...tahniah.....lelaki sudah c abang!!!!!!

Val Aziz said...

wohohoo..bulih bikin karangan kenangan semasa cuti sekolah oh my I'll have 3 soldiers to deal with come the time..