Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm playing with colors the past couple of days.

I saw my niece got crazy about the apam polka dot we had during the weekend's kenduri arwah, ordered from her mom's friend. I wanna try making it.

So when I got home, I set immediately looking for the recipe and made apam polka dot.  And then because I have all the colours, I went ahead and tried the famous rainbow cakes I've seen in pinterest and mommy bloggers. I can't say I'm too happy with the outcome, of both cakes. Today I make another batch of the polka dots cuppies because I knew I was technically wrong the first time but I still end up dissatisfied the second time around.

Oh well, anyway, here are the shots.

It's not light and fluffy enough to taste. I like the colors tho and I enjoy dotting the batter.

The next foray, Layered Rainbow Cake. I followed Martha Stewart's recipe.

Hugely disappointed with the stacking disaster, because everything else was going smooth up until then. The layers baked beautifully, the colors were gorgeous, BUT then the cakes won't come off the parchment paper. Stuck like glue. I double greased the pan for the rest of the batches so those were rescued but the first two were just horror.( Good thing I only have the 2 baking pans to alternate and had a chance to damage-control. If I had done this in all 6 pans?) I had to tear the paper off bit by bit to avoid breaking but the edges were gone.  totally didn't expect this. I worried about domed cakes (I hate levelling), I worried about the colors but I never had problems with baking paper not coming off before.  I patched up with lots of frosting and force the stacks. I should maybe just discard the destroyed ones and stack incomplete colors. I needed to see the rainbow even if its crooked.

Better week ahead to you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


1. My computer was ill the past month. Actually 'ill' doesn't quite describe it, more like in a comma. The only way to revive it was to clean up all the way, as in reformat all over, as in all things gone, all my folders, all the photos. GONE. 4 years worth of family photos. I don't even want to think.

2. The last weeks of June was spent repaying 'fast' while trying out some new recipes.

M&M chewie sugar cookies. Mine didn't turn out very pretty (i refuse to share the picture with u). If you like chewy cookie, this is a keeper. It has 2 ounce cream cheese in it so its yummy. This is where I found the recipe, you can see the picture along there.

Moussaka, from Yasmin's mengunyah. It's really very good, even though I messed up the white sauce.

3. On the bleachers last Thursday, cheering on my kids, who raced in their School Sports Day. My son took part in one event, 4x100 as the last runner and won gold. His sport house (rumah Hijau) came out overall champion as well. I'm still tickled by their cheering song, ' coca cola seven up, rumah hijau up, up, up !' ( andui bah..). His sister took part in track as well but lost and her house, Biru came out third. You can imagine how she hates discussing the day on the ride home.

4. I just only read the book - The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, already made a film years ago. Enjoys it so. Must go out and find the CD.

5. Attended a birthday party next door on Saturday, and just learned that our neighbour has 10 siblings, making 11 of them in the family including him, all except one, are boys. No wonder they end up as footballers, they make a complete team. I bet the sister can play well too.

That's life lately. See you again, if I see you.