Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guests Gone

We bid farewell to our foster sons yesterday. They are nice lads, Haiqal and Jewis. Shy, polite and well mannered. They checked out from school but continuing on their own, staying in a hotel until the weekend. I heard they have plans for pulau trip.

Some little souveneirs I got them from Gaya Street.

They had Tuesday out of town, going up to the War Memorial Park in Kundasang and then later hiking a trail in the National Park. They rushed back 4pm because they needed to prepare for the night's show at school. Both of them performed in the dance. Haiqal got moves while Jewis shall I say it..he was so shy and awkward if he could disappear into the wall he would. He didn't do more beyond shifting his foot and kept trying to hide himself behind his mates. He knew I was in the front seat taking pictures.;) They did 3 numbers and the school reciprocate with 3 dances, ending with 'magunatip' where the visiting students were obliged to participate. They were good sports and a bunch of them got on the floor, belatedly realising it looked easier than done. All in all, a good dinner, they had great fun, we had fun watching. I might add, the school need to get a new PA system, that's all I' m saying.

Monday, June 18, 2012


So it's been a month. I didn't go anywhere. Didn't feel like blogging much either. Besides my computer is acting up. Flickering on and off. Damn annoying.

Just updating on recent developments, we have 2 exchange students from Singapore staying with us now, under the school's twinning programme thingy.. So I got 2 extra sons, one Malay, the other chinese. The Malay is chirpy and friendly, the chinese quiet and awkward, in addition he doesn't speak Malay at all.Hmm. Today they join us out in the backyard for some family time. I think they had fun playing football with Helmi. :D They have a long day tomorrow. There's a field trip to Kundasang and in the evening a performance show at school.We'll catch up again then, ok.