Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sisters Garage Sale

Two weeks ago, while helping my sister move house, the idea was mooted, to hold a garage sale at her place. It makes sense. She's new in the neighbourhood. She wants to make friends and why not clear the junk at the same time. Perfect. Date set on her housewarming party day.
Only we didn't sit down and discuss and plan properly because it was a busy week for everyone. We were still doing the tagging on event day.
We made, or rather my 13 yo niece made flyers advertising the event, that's all the planning we got made.

Planning. But, execution is another thing. Flyers were distributed rather late. And there were no banners.

So after an hour waiting and no one came, we reprinted the flyers, sent out the nieces (with their dad!) to distribute further around the area. And then my sister pulled her creative hat and made a crude banner out of old bedsheet and some spray paint and hung it on the fence. Solved.

And then we waited.

And waited.

For any interested and curious neighbours and passerby. They've got to be curious seeing all this display don't they? And they could read the banner, couldn't they? And all of us here smiling and waving shyly.


We are still waiting.


They probably gone to the church, it's  Sunday you know. If they aren't , they are at some tamu and should be home soon. Or they're not up yet, sleeping it in till brunchtime. Since we've been working hard unloading and laying out the junks, we'd take a break ourselves and get inside to rest. The maid can help us lookout.
And here's our brother with some noodle soup. Wah, ada soto. Let's all sit down, we got a whole day, no worries.
(in the meantime, we made sales between ourselves. my brooch  bought by my brother in-law's sister, my sister took the teapot, my niece bought my son's coinbox,......)

Oh look. Here comes a group. Whispers to sister:who are they? do u know them?... Yes! jiran belakang rumah tu! anak beranak...

So there start the sale. People come after all, albeit slowly. Some ask, 'berapa hari kamu sale ni?'..Oh. just today since tomorrow is work day.
In the end, we left the stuffs there and my sister continued selling for  2 more days. Friends of her friends come during lunch break and after office hours. Poor she, having to mess her new house with the clothes rail and boxes every night.

Home stuffs sells.  I got hairdryer, coffeemaker, toys,  deco, teapot,  frames, accessories all sold. Though I don't mind keeping them actually, I got space for them. It's clothes and shoes that are spilling out of my store room I need to rid of but they don't sell. I cleared 12 pieces or so out of maybe 50 piece clothings I brought.
My sister's baby things like stroller and walker were fast snapped up before I remember to take photos. But she was practically giving them away the price she was asking.
My other sister sold her carpets so cheap I winced. But there it is. The main objective was to clear the junk. On that account, I dare say we scored as most bulky items gotten out of the way before noon.

My sister got a LOT of books, going for RM5-10. Mags she sold RM10-15 per bundle. Next day down to RM5 . However reading is not much in our culture or habit. Books don't sell .

And shoes. Nope. Kids shoes sell, yes. Adults no. No matter in great condition. Size mainly the problem.

Banner kami yang hina. Although it did help mind you.

It was  fun. As always when we get together food is a given. We took more tea breaks than we did selling perhaps but its a good activity to keep up. Spring cleaning double up as family day.

Next time kami bikin banner yang bagus sikit la. Hahahahaha.

Nice day all!