Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Babies

Happy birthday to my litte sweeties !

Adorable Adriana , who is proud to be 3. If you ask her how old is she now, she cooly put up 3 fingers.

Sassy Sofea, who turns 5. She's an outgoing cutie, and as her grandpa put (and I agree), will grow up to be a street smart, confident young lady.

Sweet Shasha who turns 5. A loving and friendly little sweetheart.

And last but not least, my 'little' sister Maria, who turns erm....never mind, wishing you many many happy returns this year, may business prosper and more importantly good health and happiness. Allah bless.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

School Sports Day

On the bleachers this morning supporting the kids in their school race. The weather was cooperative, not too much sun and only rain right after the Sports is over.

He raced in 50m and won 3rd place.
She raced in 100 m and 200 m and lost, and then too tired to race the next 4x100 and 4x200.(over ambitious I say)

I get exhausted watching them run as if I actually did the running, or maybe because of all the time I dashed here and there trying to get their pictures.
I'm glad it's over. And they get tomorrow off. Yeay !

Saturday, February 12, 2011

sugar and spice and everything nice

...all in one plate , alleviating an otherwise gloomy rainy Saturday afternoon.

i made a beeline to the cute cupcake shops after looking at Shabbymom's photos.

my take - i like hearty carrot from shop B and apple cupcake from shop C, the rest taste the same, but maybe that's just me, I prefer fruity flavor. The kids love the chocolate ones though.

on another note, i should give myself a pat on the back, for sticking to my non-shopping zone. while discovering the cupcakes, i discovered very interesting boutiques in the same area. here's how interesting it was, i almost bought 2 pretty big rings, i almost bought a pair of carrot-cut jeans (carrot cupcake n carrot-cut jeans..bit too much) which look flattering n a tshirt with pretty sparkling appliques&beading (so not me..again the cupcakes do strange things to my mood). however, those just almost happened, BUT didn't.

Happy Sunday

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where I've Been Today

To a friend's house warming kenduri.

My friend Wati has moved in to her brand and GRAND new home.

I'm very excited for her. I've passed by her house a couple of times admiring the exteriors, the fencing, the design, all beautiful and ofcourse couldn't wait to see inside.

And today I've finally step over the treshold and I've got loads of pictures to share with you. I've asked her permission to blog.

So, everyone please follow me. Be quiet and pay attention. We are going on a tour.

This is the main entrance

To the main living room - showing the right side wall

View of the left side taken from the centre.

Further on the right side wall, a fireplace and another living room

Pausing on the fireplace. That's a fake fire ofcourse.

The first living room, view from the staircase.

next to it, is this family room. my camera doesn't do justice but this area is beautiful. the look is elegant and I love the colour.

The first living room, at the centre leads to the dining room (at the right, leads to 2nd living room)

End of the dining room, towards dry kitchen

But at the left side of the dining room, another sitting area

with same set furnitures

and a bench

Ok, the dry kitchen. Wall-to-wall cabinets.

the island

nice ceiling design

this is the wet kitchen. ya, i'll bring you inside.


This is the second living room

And this has got to be everyone's favourite spot

The garden terrace

Perfect for reading, lazying about, messing around..

She didn't need to worry about new decorations.

She got loads from her old house

Very pretty

Ok, going upstairs now

This is the family room

The walk-in wardrobe

The master bedroom

His dressing table (outside the bathroom)

Her dressing table (in the bedroom)

The master bathroom

The private living room

Chandelier in the hallway


another chandelier

this is a bar. there's a sink you can't see behind.

Back downstairs. The front yard. Two canopies for serving food.

This is actually feast for relatives. They will hold another kenduri in March for friends. But the food is enough for open house occassion.

Thank you so much Wati for the grand tour. Congratulations again to you and Mus for your beautiful new home.