Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the birthday presents

mau juga cerita present..siok bah buka2 hadiah ni kan..

i really like this pretty lovely cake server from Shabbymom and Whimsy. thank you again girls.akak suka, akak suka.

very elegant kan. ada initial aku lagi tu, M. how cute is that?

And these are from my lovely mom-in-law and sis-in-law. A pair of flower pots. Pasu ibu dan anak.

I think they're pretty here, overlooking the garden, and among my roses dinnerware.

A jewellery box from my sweet daughter who picked out 2 other presents from my boys. Anak lelaki memang nda tau memilih. Leave it to Ira. I actually just asked her a handmade card and a kiss but she said she's in no mood for card. Hubby gave him RM50 and she went to town.

So this is supposedly from eldest son.

Ring holder.

barulah tersusun dengan cantik cincin-cincin aku.

Lastly from youngest son.
I like it. Very pretty blue.

And from hubby, a vacation in Perth next couple of weeks when the school break starts. We're bringing the kids and mom-in-law. This is a -one present fit all-. For the birthdays, mothers day and our 13th anniversary.

See ya.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May babies and Mom's Day Do

We did double birthday celebrations yesterday for me and my youngest son.

Was great fun even though I was exhausted. I baked a storm and I cooked a storm.

It was well worth it. A few little cupcakes for Mother's Day since there'll be lot of mothers around. I was busy cooking the last dish and was blurred and surprised when mom-in-law suddenly turned up fresh from the ferry or plane I guess. Eh? didn't she said over the phone last nite she's coming next week.  I could have made a special Mother's Day cake for her to cut. Lucky for the last minute cupcakes. Me and sis-in-law handed her a cupcake and gave a kiss.(she leaves again the next day, this is all the party we could give her). Then I got every boy and girl in the party to do the same to their moms. The kids look sweet like that.

 I wanna give a shoutout to my sweet guests who brought along potlucks . Azura-thank you for the delicious pasta. Someone brought swissroll. Was that Bibi or Linda. Thank you.  And thank you Shabbymom for the lovely gifts which the birthday boy adores. (this time you got it right :D).

And now a special  wish to all the mothers in the world. Many gifts come in  pretty boxes but we all know that the most precious ones can't be wrapped. May all moms get lots of warm hugs and mushy kisses from their kids . Happy Mother's Day !

Sunday, May 1, 2011

royal wedding fever

my brain is fuzzy from watching the wedding highlights over and over and over again for 2 days. my low down :

1. loving the bride's gown. absolutely elegant, she looked stunning. (my daughter remarked her boobs look pointy in the dress and the lace is sexy (!), I can't believe my daughter is more conservative than me. She just started on her training bra, guess she's just over observant on that area..

2. love the second kiss.

3. prince william is so loving. i feel stabs of pain for Diana everytime the two exchange looks of love throughout the ceremony and everytime he holds her hand, wait for her, glancing at her. had she lived to see this, she would have been so proud and happy for him.

4. the queen look too yellow, but she also look like she stopped ageing, she look the same since Diana's funeral. Camilla look older than her.

5. can't comprehend for the life of me, the style of princess beatrice. she really intend to appear live on tv around the world in this.

6. i like when the jet fly over the balcony, can't feel much excitement on tv, but must be amazing to be there and see and hear it live. worth camping for the crowd.

I can go on and on, but I'll stop at 6. I 'll leave you to ponder more.

Now excuse me, I'm off for lunch with me sisters to go over the wedding AGAIN.

Happy Labour Day !