Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the birthday presents

mau juga cerita present..siok bah buka2 hadiah ni kan..

i really like this pretty lovely cake server from Shabbymom and Whimsy. thank you again girls.akak suka, akak suka.

very elegant kan. ada initial aku lagi tu, M. how cute is that?

And these are from my lovely mom-in-law and sis-in-law. A pair of flower pots. Pasu ibu dan anak.

I think they're pretty here, overlooking the garden, and among my roses dinnerware.

A jewellery box from my sweet daughter who picked out 2 other presents from my boys. Anak lelaki memang nda tau memilih. Leave it to Ira. I actually just asked her a handmade card and a kiss but she said she's in no mood for card. Hubby gave him RM50 and she went to town.

So this is supposedly from eldest son.

Ring holder.

barulah tersusun dengan cantik cincin-cincin aku.

Lastly from youngest son.
I like it. Very pretty blue.

And from hubby, a vacation in Perth next couple of weeks when the school break starts. We're bringing the kids and mom-in-law. This is a -one present fit all-. For the birthdays, mothers day and our 13th anniversary.

See ya.

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Val said...

Lawa kan hadiah hadiah mu ni kali.akak pun suke!