Sunday, May 8, 2011

May babies and Mom's Day Do

We did double birthday celebrations yesterday for me and my youngest son.

Was great fun even though I was exhausted. I baked a storm and I cooked a storm.

It was well worth it. A few little cupcakes for Mother's Day since there'll be lot of mothers around. I was busy cooking the last dish and was blurred and surprised when mom-in-law suddenly turned up fresh from the ferry or plane I guess. Eh? didn't she said over the phone last nite she's coming next week.  I could have made a special Mother's Day cake for her to cut. Lucky for the last minute cupcakes. Me and sis-in-law handed her a cupcake and gave a kiss.(she leaves again the next day, this is all the party we could give her). Then I got every boy and girl in the party to do the same to their moms. The kids look sweet like that.

 I wanna give a shoutout to my sweet guests who brought along potlucks . Azura-thank you for the delicious pasta. Someone brought swissroll. Was that Bibi or Linda. Thank you.  And thank you Shabbymom for the lovely gifts which the birthday boy adores. (this time you got it right :D).

And now a special  wish to all the mothers in the world. Many gifts come in  pretty boxes but we all know that the most precious ones can't be wrapped. May all moms get lots of warm hugs and mushy kisses from their kids . Happy Mother's Day !

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