Sunday, May 1, 2011

royal wedding fever

my brain is fuzzy from watching the wedding highlights over and over and over again for 2 days. my low down :

1. loving the bride's gown. absolutely elegant, she looked stunning. (my daughter remarked her boobs look pointy in the dress and the lace is sexy (!), I can't believe my daughter is more conservative than me. She just started on her training bra, guess she's just over observant on that area..

2. love the second kiss.

3. prince william is so loving. i feel stabs of pain for Diana everytime the two exchange looks of love throughout the ceremony and everytime he holds her hand, wait for her, glancing at her. had she lived to see this, she would have been so proud and happy for him.

4. the queen look too yellow, but she also look like she stopped ageing, she look the same since Diana's funeral. Camilla look older than her.

5. can't comprehend for the life of me, the style of princess beatrice. she really intend to appear live on tv around the world in this.

6. i like when the jet fly over the balcony, can't feel much excitement on tv, but must be amazing to be there and see and hear it live. worth camping for the crowd.

I can go on and on, but I'll stop at 6. I 'll leave you to ponder more.

Now excuse me, I'm off for lunch with me sisters to go over the wedding AGAIN.

Happy Labour Day !


Val said...

Memang astaga topi si Beatrice. Banduan ka org gila haji bilang.

fabmom said...

tu la..haha! peribahasa haji juga ngam.