Sunday, February 10, 2013

winning his first tournament

SRK St Agnes entered their first tournament this year and against all odds came out champion.
Kejohanan Bolasepak Bawah 12 tahun MSSD Zon Likas telah berlangsung pada 5-6 Februari di Padang SRK Lok Yuk.

They trained intensively for 4 weeks at school and I think last week match against TABS (which they fared horribly) was the only friendly away game they could squeeze in before the tournament start.  Don't ask me what TABS stand for. Sampai sekarang aku inda tau. Tg Aru Boys kali..

Tapi faced with other schools yang sama amateur macam dorang, it's a more balanced match and real competition. The first day, they played 4 matches, dari 9.00 pagi sampai 4.30 petang in which they managed 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 lost and proceeded to semi final. Sehari di padang, balik punya hitam. Hangus bah, nampak mata saja.

Second day, semi final against SK Likas A. (Ada SK Likas A dan SK Likas B). This one was a shocker. SK Likas A expected to win and they were the reigning champion for many years. Cara main pun nampak pro, tapi nasib tak menyebelahi. Selepas seri tanpa gol, dorang kalah dalam penalty kick.

So tanpa disangka-sangka St Agnes mara ke final melawan SRK Lok Yuk.
DAN...walaupun seluruh sekolah Lok Yuk berhenti belajar dan bersorak untuk home team tetapi tetap Lok Yuk gagal menjaringkan gol walaupun beberapa cubaan baik, sebaliknya midfielder St Agnes berhasil menjaringkan gol. Itu pun tanpa sengaja, sebenarnya dia mau pass, tapi terus masuk gol. Boleh?

Memang nasib sangat berpihak pada dorang di samping dorang main pun not bad juga.
Tahniah, tahniah, tahniah to the team and my son Helmi who helped making SRK ST AGNES juara.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January came and went

in a blink.

The kids school is hectic and the calendar says this is going on up to February. Co-cum  and sports, every day through Saturday.

My youngest son makes the school soccer team. Today they play their first match after 2 weeks forming the team.  Against an experienced under 13 club. They were wiped out. They look pathetic and cute at the same time. They are so small and scrawny and way off the league of the opponents who some are already in  Form 1 (but not yet 13). Helmi is the smallest and the youngest. Most his mates are 12, he is 10. His jersey is hanging off him like a dress... comical. Honestly they got a long way to go (way way long) but it's a good exposure and experience. Playing more real matches like this will pay.

We are getting a new neighbour. They have taken over the house for months (maybe a year already) but were stalling with the renovation. They chopped off the trees, pulled away the fence and stop. For months. I thought they changed their mind and give up the place. Then they came back, hacked off the roof and the wall and then stop again for weeks. All of a sudden, yesterday they came with a crane and went all out , all day, pulling the house apart, banging everything right down to the ground. Nothing left. We have an empty field on our left side. I can see that pink house at the other side of the road from my bedroom window. As much as I'm curious how the next structure will take shape,(I heard they're planning to build 3 small houses in that plot of land), I realize this means a lot of noise is ahead. As it is,  feels like there's a quarry factory operating next door. Looks like migraine medication on the ready.

Wishing you guys a happy weekend. Until later.