Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Garage Sale

This time is better than the first. The preparation was better, we advertised, and the response and outcome is better.
It's a different crowd in Penampang, at another sis house where we held it. The ones who purchased most are maids from the housing area, shopping for christmas. And these maids' networking is very impressive. They're so quick.

Where we waited for hours at our previous sale for the first customer, this time around, we weren't finished putting up items they had shown up at the gate. These are pro at bargain hunting from the way they quickly pick out the best, mostly clothes ( in about 20 seconds), pleaded early bird markdowns and had them reserved before dashing back home (to finish up their chores I suppose) and returning after 3 hours with more friends and more purchases and more discounts. They keep coming 3-4 times, every chance they get. Amazing and amusing. We don't mind a bit.

We are happy the clothes are going.

And all the electrical goods. Rice cooker, Microwave oven, toaster,TV,coffee maker, juicer. Even gym equipments. Ab shaper and stationary bike. You wouldn't believe which one of us own these things. (hua..hua..hua..)

As I'm writing this we are still selling. My sis decides to open her garage for 3 more days. I guess she does have that much to clear off.

Well, merry christmas and happy holiday.