Thursday, June 18, 2009

pink pleasure

i'm truly besotted with this latest find in my fav home store just the other day.

its the sweetest pink i've ever seen in flowers. (its much more lovelier in person). i thought it even looked good enough to eat. imagine sugar paste in this shade. don't it just cheer you up?
info - comes in pink and yellow. kaison.
happy thursday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

project almost done

i wish to blog about things other than food today.

i've come back from labuan last sunday feeling exhausted and want to faint from the searing heat. god it was hot.

but as we entered the gate, my spirit was lifted by the view of our front yard. looked like much had took off since the 5 days we've been gone, i was happy to notice.

landscaping - that's our big project this year, on the home front. the reason why we don't do travelling much at the moment. got to see this done first.

started this project early this year.we've initially asked for designs from some landscape designers but in the end didn't like it and proceeded with our own imaginations.

although the dry season now is not helping, watering them uses up half the tank, but we hold our patience. no hurry here.

it's not finished yet but i'm glad to say its coming along nicely.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

happy tired

i'm sleepy and i'm tired. but happy.

got hung-over from last night family bbq. a short-noticed, unplanned party but the best one ever. we had a giant cook-out. everyone brought amazing food.

i didn't bother with photos. we had great fun, ate too much, stayed up too late.
totally worth still being sleepy today.