Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was in Perth

Last week with hubs and kids and their grandma for a holiday .

My first feeling on arriving was, nice change of weather. For once we didn't need to turn the aircon on in every room we went. Ofcourse after several hours, we roped for jackets. It's the start of winter.

Our first tour was to Caversham Wildlife Park. Just an hour away.Our last trip with the kids, we brought them to Perth Zoo but wildlife park is better because you could make contact with the animals and feed them. The attractions are ofcourse skippy and the koalas.

Some tips, if you want to get near and touch the kangaroos, walk quietly, don't stomp or run, they will get panicky and jump. (kalau anak gauk yang nda merati diam dan mesti mau berlari..agak unsafe ya..)

 This one we can't get enough. They're like soft, fluffy pillow. Squashy, smoochy little cutesies.They're also calm and cool and has this funny bored off its pants-looking face.
 Not to mention they smell nice. Eucalyptus.

Some other animals in the park.

This exposed thing is a wombat. To me its an ugly version of koala. This guy here is positoned there on the bench the whole day taking pictures with visitors after visitors. No one hold the wombat except him. People are only to touch the side of his legs and no other part (as if you would).

The next stop brought us to Swan Valley for a visit to Margaret River Chocolate Factory and the vineyard.

The vineyard outside the factory.

I'm sleepy. I'll continue tomorrow ok. Nite.

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