Sunday, June 12, 2011

Merry at Hillary

Hillary Harbour is a prime recreational destination for Perth locals and visitors. It's full of attractions, activities and shops and just a very fun place to spend a day with family.

It's heaven for kids. There are picnic park, swimming beach, games centre, fun rides and a wide range of cafes and restaurants.

The kids' favourite - trampolines.

Tea cups go-round

This one is called Jungle Mountain.
 It's a huge 20 feet tall hamper-like structure filled with webs of elastic bands. The fun is climbing to the top while bouncing on the rubber bands.
 Adzim was quick but fell back to help Ira every now and then so Helmi was the first to reach the top.
 The fare is for all day. You could come out for rest and return to play again as long as you don't lose the tag in your wrist.

Second time around, Adzim won, Ira got the hang of it and made it on her own.

I don't think they had enough fun time here. I personally think we need to stay 2 days to really enjoy everything around here.

We got here by public transport, catching the Joondalup line train from Perth and alighted at Warwick. Which was a mistake because that only work on weekdays. As it was Saturday, we needed to stop at Greenwood station. So down we went again to catch the train and waited for the train to alight at the correct station, just a stop away, by the way. From there, we took a bus to Hillary Boat Harbour. The train ride plus the bus ride took us about 45 min.

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