Friday, June 17, 2011

The banks of Swan River

Perth city sits on the foreshores of Swan River. One of the many attractions is Swan Bell Tower situated at Barrack St Jetty overlooking the river and the entire city skyline.

Swan Bell Tower has one of the largest sets (there are 18 bells in the tower) of change ringing bells in the world. Some of these bells are historic ones from an old church in Trafalgar Square in London, that can be traced back to the 14th century. They were recast and donated to the States of Western Australia. They are rare in that they are one of the few sets of royal bells and are known to have rung as the explorer James Cook set sail on the voyage that founded Australia.

The fountain in front of the tower

Swan River is named after the famous black swans of the area.

The jetty area. You take the ferry here to Rottnest Island.

Along the river bank is the bike and footpaths, very nice for jogging, lazy strolling.
Or any other suitable exercise.

Across the road from the river bank is a big playing field.

 Where we like to spend a few hours before sunset to play boomerang and frisbee or just running around.
 The field is just 5 min walk from our hotel.
Ofcourse Azim's fav exercise is perfecting his breaking moves.

There is also a little playground at the corner of the field.

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