Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funky Fremantle

This is another place that I wish I had more time exploring. Thrice we came here we've only reached the Markets (boohoo). Fremantle, or Freo, as its known by locals is a port city about 20 min drive from city centre. The Fremantle Market is a famous attraction. But there are also Fremantle Prison, Maritime Museum and other spots I have yet to set foot on. Future reminder lists.

We spent our Sunday here. Just outside the market entrance a performance of tricks and stunts was ongoing when we arrived. The boys were glued. 

He was quite impressive. That's a baseball bat he's juggling with  2 sticks. If he drops it (he didn't) it would certainly smash the guy's face. And some other stunts like juggling 3 dangerous items at once ,  a live chainsaw + a dagger + a blade. And then lying on a bed of nails. The kids stood transfixed and wouldn't move anywhere so we had to wait a good one hour before moving on.

There's a video my son took but I couldn't upload it.

Stopping for food at the cafe just next to the market.

 This is  a Lebanese cafe. The kebabs are very good and very huge portion. (the pic come out yellow, I've no idea what happened).

 She's real not a statue.

 Assortment of boomerangs and frisbees, the boys' favourite.

By 4pm we were back to the city because the sun set early here. Around 5 pm it gets dark.

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