Saturday, February 12, 2011

sugar and spice and everything nice

...all in one plate , alleviating an otherwise gloomy rainy Saturday afternoon.

i made a beeline to the cute cupcake shops after looking at Shabbymom's photos.

my take - i like hearty carrot from shop B and apple cupcake from shop C, the rest taste the same, but maybe that's just me, I prefer fruity flavor. The kids love the chocolate ones though.

on another note, i should give myself a pat on the back, for sticking to my non-shopping zone. while discovering the cupcakes, i discovered very interesting boutiques in the same area. here's how interesting it was, i almost bought 2 pretty big rings, i almost bought a pair of carrot-cut jeans (carrot cupcake n carrot-cut jeans..bit too much) which look flattering n a tshirt with pretty sparkling appliques&beading (so not me..again the cupcakes do strange things to my mood). however, those just almost happened, BUT didn't.

Happy Sunday

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