Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Fiesta

Don't you just love Friday? End of the workdays. End of sending-kids-to school days. The day to unwind. The day to relax and let it loose. Nowadays I've got another reason to love Friday. This monthly 'do' we have on Fridays. Feast! Food! Friends! Fiesta!

Let me tell you about our fiesta today. No. 1 on impressive list is Whimsy's goodie basket. Not having managed to bring any potluck before (oopppss!..) , she sure impressed me with her beautiful picnic basket today (she decorated herself). What's inside? How about this! Pretty colorful jelly in a cute serving dish. Became the favorite of little Sofea.And this! Tiers of chicken sandwich and chicken 'wrap'. Complete with the platter. Menyenangkan host. Sedap. Memang sedap.
(Macam aku tergigit nenas, whimsy! ko campur nenas ka?)
There's another one she brought. Lemon cheese cake. I forgot to snap. Delicious too. That's a no-fail dish.
Impressive don't you think? Very wife-material isn't she? Hik!

And then, Super shabbymom brought the star of the feast, Chicken Risoles. Very successful recipe. Simply delicious. I found my picky son gobbling 2 pc of it.

Chicken risoles. Best while hot.

Tiramisu. Also by Shabbymom.

Best kan host. Tak payah sedia apa-apa. Just serve tea and some humble kuih keria. Hihihi.

New 'tea party' members, Nonong and Wati. Maybe next 'tea' we'll get to see their place.wink.

So even if it's raining, even if the maid's gone home, I welcome Friday. It's still the best day. Hubby & I had just sent off our kids to their cousin's place for them to stay the night there. Which means.....TONIGHT we have the house ALL to ourselves. wink......!



Min said...

I wish I'm there, boleh ke jadi part of your guest ?

fabmom said...

i wish u r here too! boleh food tasting ko punya amazing cakes!

Shabbymom said...

best kan our teaparty.....siok banar!!!...c sofea dalam kereta lagi sudah tidur......panat banar....c cha badmood...inda mau mulih...inda puas kan bemain!!!!

Lain jua cerita...lawakan agar-agar c val dalam gambar!!!! very festive look!!!!

fabmom said...

Kan? bikin cantik gambar..simple ja tapi meriah..

whimsical said...

wakakaakakakakakak hahahahahaha au, agar2 photogenic.sure is pok jeff kasi ketawa bila dia gigit the agar2 keras kan wakakakaka

whimsical said...

aii lupa mau tell, bekas seperti kaca yg isi agar2 atu, was a gift from Baker min when she came to my home few years back.min, u ingat ka?

whimsical said...

fabmom, hahahahahaha lupa.memang ada satu ja sandwich yg aku taruh filling nenas.hahahahahahah!yg atu, jem nya, nenas dan creamcheese ja.potongan yg paling besar. u pula yg dapat the "unique" one hahahahahahah

fabmom said...

ho.!patutla aku cari2 lagi lepas tu teda sudah...sedap time aku pun mo campur nenas la.

whimsical said...

jadi wht happened tht night?lotsssssss of "winking" ka?wakakaakakakakakakakkakak patut tah lampung bedroom kamu aku tengok dari beranda aku, awal lagi kena kasi pajam!!!!1

fabmom said...

ssssshhhhh!!!! hahahaha!!!