Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Labuan 29 May - 2 June 08

Yeay!! I'm back! to home sweet home..bed sweet bed..tho' I would stay away from the bed now..I've done too much sleeping in Labuan. Indeed! my holiday was spent eating and sleeping and lazying, much like whimsy..so u're not alone Val! I put on 2 kg too. There was a wedding of hubby's cousin. And the weather was like in a sauna.

Thank goodness, Sunday was off. The whole ceremony ended on Saturday.
So when my sister in law informed of a new eatery in town worth checking out, I thought it's the best way to spend Sunday. I won't wanna just roam the town for nothing, the sun was really scorching, but on the other hand, I was getting bored stiff staying home.

So we got there. The place is Chal's Country House. The interior deco was not bad. My sis in law raved about the chicken chop, how it's so worth it at RM 17 becos it has everything, big portion of chicken chop, pasta and fries so I was high with anticipation.
But it arrived like this. Ermm...bolognaise sauce on chicken chop? And the measly chips! I have to admit my heart sank. (whimsy, think Domino in Langkawi!)

Ok it's not as bad as Domino in Langkawi. The chicken is OK. They shouldn't pour the sauce on it tho', should be on the pasta instead. (I tried scraping them off the chicken but the crumbs quickly soaked in the sauce).And the pasta was good. Not dry altho' it's plain looking and there was this bread stick they served along with the chips which was tasty..kind of like cheese stick. But the fries..they're all soggy and oily and bad..just bad..

I ordered fish and chips for my daughter who tagged along. Look Ok. Taste OK.

So that's my uneventful holiday in Labuan.

Today (already in KK) I went to NeoBayu (next to Apiwon) and tried the traditional massage and hubby tried the foot massage. OK juga Val! Boleh la!

The kids are still in Labuan. They're coming home tomorrow evening. So I still have 2 days alone with hubby. I plan to drag him to the cinema. Have u all watch Indiana Jones?


whimsical said...

heheheheh memang sumpahan domino!salah kali yg tukang tuang atu.dia mau tuang ka pasta tapi tersalah tuang ka chick chop!

Shabbymom said...

hahahaha...sahhh...sumpahan domino!!!!! astaga...sapa tukang masaknya ani? gila pakah menuang sos pasta ke ayam atu...inda berakal banar!!!

whimsical said...

helo mana update.sunyi ja, tak best lah.time gloomy begini, we need distractions, cuba posting berita berita menceriakan hati