Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvest Time

I'm harvesting. My garden vegetables! They befittingly chose to ripe in the Harvest Festival time. Look at these!!!!! I'm so proud. OK to be honest. I didn't actually plant these myself. I got help. I'm not that truly greenfingered as Whimsy. Still they're mine.

Tomatoes. Lebat kan !

These are not tomatoes. These are bell peppers. I'm waiting for them to turn red. Still orange.
My red chillies. Nicely coming out.

Limes. Still young. But I can soon pluck it I expect!

Well it's a long holiday this week. I wanna wish everyone out there, Happy Harvest Festival Holidays!!!!!!To whimsy- have an enjoyable time in Keningau! take loads of pictures! To Shabbymom - enjoy your resort hopping! I expect 5 parts of stories, k!!!

BYE!!!! see u next week!!!


whimsical said...

wahhhh punya bisai tamatus u!!!!!!nyaman kan makan veg yg dipetik dengan kudrat sendiri!!!!! tq for the wish. hapy hols to

Shabbymom said...

yaaaa....bisai oh tu tamatus.....Happy hols 2 u 2!!!!