Sunday, May 4, 2008

Macau n Kowloon 29 Apr - 3 May : PART 1

Hi!!! I'm BACKKK!!!!!!! how r u guys? Miss me? I checked on u all but not much post either or did u all went away for the long weekend from Labour Day?

OK. My holiday report.
We arrived at Macau at 11.30 pm 29 Apr. Macau is.....well it really is the Las Vegas of Asia. There seem to be nothing else here but CASINO! The landmark at the airport tower is the roulette table! There are shops ofcourse but doesn't beat Hong Kong (more of this later). Why are we here? It's a side trip to Hong Kong, there's no direct flight by Air Asia to Hong Kong (from KK). So we stayed the night, soaked up the evening life and the next day departed to Hong Kong by ferry.

Grand Lisboa. One of the casinos in Macau city.

Another casino, Wynn. Too much heavy decorating inside.

You've just got to see the lobby ceiling. Intricate dragons carving in gold!

Senado Square. A mix of high end shops and flea market stalls.The shops in the street of Macau
Senado Square - lots of shops here

It's quite interesting, Macau city. The official language is Portuguese and Chinese and the building structures in the city is heavily influenced by European designs being formerly ruled by Portugal. Their currency is called Patacas. English is not widely used even in hotels except ,big casino hotels such as Venetian Hotel (more of this later). We stayed in Beverly Plaza Hotel and I witnessed this American man almost tearing his hair out trying to ask the receptionist for a bucket of ice. She kept repeating '..eyes?..eyes?' so the man wrote down on a paper, ice cube, but she was still perplexed, and he tried 'frozen water' and the girl got more lost!

These next pictures are of Kowloon. First thing I noticed here is the crowd. It's just bustling with people and activites. Every which way you turned there is a crowd which seemed to be bursting from a train station or something. And the shopping. Oh..yess...the shopping..(more of this later).

Blogger, about to board a train to Central HK.

Can u see the background? 2 storeys of LV!!

We returned to Macau on the second last day for the flight back home. Here we met Wati and hubby who stayed at the same hotel. I must tell u this hotel is so so sooo breath takingly scenic and luxurious. The Venetian Hotel. Owned by an Italian, it's designed to be the Venice of Macau complete with the canals, gondolias and to-die for boutique shops and again ofcourse casinos.

Gotta go now! You've got to wait for my next post on my SHOPPING!


wanaryani said... nya...can't wait for part 2!!!!....jgn lupa gambar pembelian ok.......

Min said...

cepat-cepat update, bersemangat aku nak gi China ngan Val ni..boleh singgah HK juga !Barang kat sana ok tak ? Nanti kasi gambar barang shopping aaaa..

whimsical said...

uiiiii hot mamas!!!!bole tahan kamu berdua bertakul bergambar!!!!!!

wanaryani said...

heheheheh....memang hotmomas....muka kamu kepanatan ke...ape?