Monday, May 5, 2008

Macau n Kowloon PART 2

I tell u the shops in HK..if only u got the money...IF only u got all the MONEY..I tell's shop till u drop!..there's nothing u can't find here!...Remember the huge LV logo by Pedder Street? The building is Peninsula Arcade. You step in, there's NO other shops in there except designer labels. All 4 floors of designer stores. Gucci, Prada, Hermes, LV, Harvey Nichols, Chanel, Versace, Fendi, Dior, Burberry, Armani...Oh god.!.they're bigger than life...but I could only look. They're way out of my price range!! even if they do 60% off..which they didn't.

The main lobby of Peninsula Arcade

So what did I buy? Clothes and shoes are not really cheap here actually, altho they are from the latest collection so I couldn't go too crazy..(yalah tu..) I got jeans and blouse from Chevignon, a spring collection Guess handbag, some blouses and jacket from Giordano & Izod. But I almost went crazy with the shoes! Again they're a bit pricey..but the thing about shoes is...they so test your will power...u just have to HAVE it!
I didn't get many dresses/blouse. The style here is a bit too Hongkee for me.
A momento from Macau.

The brand is Fiorucci, Italian leather.

It's not all just shopping for me. We did go to The Victoria's Peak in central HK. It's a must-go place if u ever go to HK. Only half hour ride by bus or 20 min by tram. Entrance to the Peak Sky Terrace is $40 per person (about RM 17). The view of HK from above is amazing.

The Atrium housed 3 floors of Madam Tussaud Museum. If u haven't been into Mdam Tussaud like me, then it's a good opportunity. You don't have to go to New York.

So there! I recommend this trip especially if you can get really cheap airfare from AirAsia. We got RM 500 return ticket per person, that's cheaper than going to KL. As a tip for muslim, you would do better to bring bekal makanan for the stay in Macau. Hard to find halal food. As a matter of fact, we didn't find any. Hong Kong, no problem. Lots of halal restaurants there, mostly operated by Pakistani.

The stop in Macau is also fun even if u're not a gambler. The city never sleeps. You could see the buildings in HK across the sea all draped in colorful lights. We got the chance to see this show (rehearsals for Beijing 2008), where the building lights dance to the orchestra music for about 1/2 hour and the finale - a writing on the wall ' Beijing 2008' lights up!

Actually the Historic Centre in Macau received the World Heritage status, so if u r not gambling and not into shopping(u must be crazy) u could visit the historic sites.Hik!

If u want to eliminate Macau trip, the option is a direct flight to HK by Royal Brunei
Airlines. But that's a different price altogether. Beijing 2008 is happening in August! Maybe u wanna try to book early for that event.
K.Bye now!


whimsical said...

waduh waduh shopaholic!!!!memang lawa pembelian mu. cantik o the strap mexy o!!!!!!d blouse lawa.memang bohemian.mana gambar puan wati yg lain.

Min said...

ye la, sexy high heels..menarik jugak HK ni. Tapi I'm not the buying baju type, maybe Val will enjoy more. Thanks Fabmom for the info.

wanaryani said... likey...esp the shoesssssss!!! lah.....ada part 3 lagi kah ni??? pleaselahhhh...part 3....part 3...bila kami mau ke mansion u?...birthday teaparty?...

fabmom said...

lambat lagi bday. datangla bah kamu besok. aku banyak mo cerita!

wanaryani said...

esok?....hari jumaat ni lah....patang sikit...ok kah?

fabmom said...


whimsical said...

lain juga cerita.apa i mau bawa for put luck friday kita ni? tak kan bubur kot...matching ka dgn hainan chicken dan kek lobak si supershabbymom?aku bingung ni!!! atau to be safe, aku bawa cikui ja.ok ka.supershabbymom bilang, jgn i pandai2 bawa salah nenas!

whimsical said...

salah eja.bukan salah nenas..SALAD nenas

wanaryani said...

ice cream vanilla....ok kah whimsy...sanang saja cari tu...inda payah kau ke kabun mengunjar buah..hihihihi

whimsical said...

auuuu banar!!!akan ku bawa ice cream vanila, dan ditambah dengan choc rice dengan kon ice cream (over ka sri)

Deana E said...

wow..nice buy and nice trip..i have not gone there time if i wana go sure ask u where to go and shop