Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Weekend

How was your weekend? Fun I hope. Mine was.
We flew to Tawau for my cousin's wedding on Friday and stayed till Sunday.
This is nikah ceremony held at my cousin's new home at Villa Mas. Two of my aunts drove down from KK and arrived well after the nikah ceremony. There's a story to that. They've never been to the new house and needed instruction for the road. My cousin told them to follow 3 o'clock turn upon reaching the first junction and then 12 o'clock on the next junction. But they took such a long time to arrive and cousin had to call up to check. Do you know what happened? They found the junction alright but they spent hours looking for a ....clock tower!!! thinking that was the road mark. Duhhhh.....

This is 'bersanding' held at Dewan Lau Gek Poh.
Ada artis jemputan untuk acara di dewan ni. Ekin AF3.
My youngest niece, Adrianna Ruzainie. Tidak meragam langsung, infact, sleeping peacefully throughout ceremony and only woke up when they start karaoke.

We stayed at Kingston Hotel and took up 5 family rooms. Our last night there, we crowded my sister's room to watch AF final (they got Astro) and sent down the nephews to buy something to eat and hot drinks. They came back with roti canai and teh tarik. Perfect.

There wasn't any utensil in the room except jug heater and glasses. What we did was pour all the teh tarik in the jug and combine all the glasses in the rooms. It wasn't enough. No sweat. Two share a glass. The kuah kari had to go into the used cup mineral water. The cup is wobbly so somebody (Maria) had to keep her hand around the cup through out to avoid it from falling over...hahahah..

We had some free time on Saturday morning since the bersanding was held in the evening instead of morning. So what did shopaholic and sisters do? Roam the town!!

Found these slippers, RM 20 for 3. Not bad.


whimsical said...

atu tia!!!!!shop till u drop.hello hello clock tower!!!!!!!yo robbi!!!!memang i ketawa terbahak-bahak!!!! siapa ka si duhhhhhhh tu?hahahahaha

Shabbymom said...

hahahahha....clock tower....charlie lah!!!! gud buy......