Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Helmi

My youngest son's belated birthday party yesterday. I wanted to try Deanacakes, the soccer players deco was really fetching, but they closed order, preparing for Mothers Day cakes demand. Maybe next time. Secret Recipe's White Choc Macademia

It's just a simple lunch. Malas la ambil gambar nasi, lauk semua. I made this old fashioned chicken pie for tea, which was a hit.
And the cheese onion scones using Min's recipe. A good recipe. It's going to my Recipe Folder now. Turned out just a little bit salty but that's my fault. I forgot I was using regular buttercup which is salted, so I should have just omit the 1 tsp salt. (Make that note in your recipe, ladies). We ate it with whip cream and ice cream. Masuk ka tu? Hentam ja lah. It taste good. I made about 20 pc. You can put the extra in a plastic bag like a bread and seal it. I found it lasts.
And just wanna tell u, 500g flour is equal to 3 cups, for your note, if you're making this.

cheese onion scones

Next time I wanna try the prawn quiche.

Mothers Day? Well, kira sekali la tu. I got all my sisters at the party. As usual, any party at any one of our place, will last hours with endless rounds of tea ( I made 4 teapots for only 8 of us). Had fun eating and laughing and eating and reminisced the fun times with our late mother.

AF6? Nda payahla komen tu. Bikin malas. I thought the students are getting better but AC juga tiada improvement kan. Tawar. Kenapa tiada penyingkiran? Sebab selamatkan Nadia? She got bottom place at the close of votes. Hmmph...I blame the ridiculous costume! Why did he make her look as if she's 4 months pregnant but trying to hide the bump? Did I say I'm not going to comment. OK sudahlah.

Have a happy week ahead!


wanaryani said...

wow!!!...looks delish oh the scones!!!!....macam mau try juga lah...hihihi.....

wanaryani said...

Happy Birthday Helmi!!!

Min said...

happy birthday Helmi. 5 years ke? I saw five candles.. anyway, Honey thanks for trying out the scones, aku suspen oo kalau org try my recipe, nasib jadi kan.

Deana E said... hoping and came to your blog, nice blog and i love to see your food post and terjumpa di post and ternampak my name sorry ya may be next year, will give you a special slot. i love decorating cake for kids now love to make them happy.