Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been tagged! ini mesti c whimsy tengok aku teda new post ni kan? saja suruh update!
aiseh..this is embarassing..this is silly..i'm not good in this game...but I'll be a good sport! So ok, 8 random facts about me:

1. I love shopping (who doesn't?) esp. shoes but I'm fickle-minded in chosing. I'd spent hours (the whole day!) , sometimes coming back the next day trying on the same pair!

2. I like seeing people wearing jewellery and accessories but I can't bring myself donning accessories. I won't last a day. Rimas!

3. My comfort food are carrot cake and banana bread ( before, it used to be cheese cake).

4. Coffee make me sick.

5. I like to pride myself as health conscious, altho I'm not. Time to get real.

6. I've had the shortest child birth delivery among family and friends(I mean from the time I got to the hospital and the time I delivered): 1-3 hours for all my 3 children .3 hours for 1st child, 1 hour for 2nd child and 2 hours for the last child.

7. I'm a tidy freak. I can't work in a mess.

8. I love green and white. Nowadays I can't have enough of white blouses. I feel tidy and clean in them (motif!).

OK! now time to tag others. You would naturally think I'd tag Shabbymom now, wouldn't you? I'll tag someone else! It'll be ...HESITANT BLOGGER!! you're on!


Shabbymom said...

tq...tq...selamat gue....gila permainan ani...membari kabak-kabak

yasmin said... nye bersalin cepat. The longest must be me la. In labour for 2 days kut. Sampai keluar ikut tingkap :)

whimsical said...

heheheh memang betul o th shoes!!!hahahahah