Monday, June 16, 2008

Home & Garden

How was your Sunday? Quite bleak maybe. Cloudy all day, wasn't it?
My Sunday was spent doing home & garden stuffs. We went to Pasar Tani in the morning, got some plants (flowers&fruits) and then in the afternoon browsed for some home furnitures. We found the high chairs for the breakfast counter we've been looking for (actually waiting for the 'sale').
My kids do their homework here too.
And Shabbymom, can u picture your girls sitting here, scooping ice cream? (wink, next trip ha)
This we bought last week. Hubby's fav spot to read papers. Gugurls! next time we have our tea here. mom-in-law is soo into this, these days.
Hubby's 'farmer' side showed..he bought pokok rambutan, ciku & laici ..maklumlah..mau mengembangkan ODOI Putatan. Let's hope jadi. Selingan - at Gaya Street, somebody tried to be creative with his puppy. Nda pun cute.
My kids were irritated that we left them in the house all day to buy nonsense and demanded to go swimming. It was 4.00pm, it was drizzling. I did asked their aunts and uncles to come over so they can play with their cousins but everybody was busy and tired, nobody can come, so I told them if you're so bored, we'll go to Kiddies (Sutera Marina). If it stops raining, then we can swim.

As it happened, it did stop rain around 5.30 pm so off they went to the pool. (it's easier to wake them up for school Monday if they had a good weekend)

All in all a good Sunday. I wish you all (esp Whimsy) a not-black Monday!!


Shabbymom said...

wow...lawa oh tu high chair...memang ngam d sana...& lawa the kuyuk??? apa pikirannya di pakaikan nya baju...gila!! atu tah membari ujan kelemari..."Masap"...hahahaha....

fabmom said...

mentang2 kita bercerita adik beradik kuyuk kan..ada tah orang memakaikan kuyuknya macam orang banar.

whimsical said...

atu tah!!!!baru aku mau kasi posting pasal saudar kuyuk!!!biar dorang, inda jarah-jarah dulu berangin Greg (konon pasal ada org di keningau kasi manicure kucingnya), atu tah tarus kebalikan dan berangin, konon nya lah. ani lagi dipakaikan baju pink ka kuyuk. tapi lucu juga la kan heheheh.sure if si adek nampak, dia mau pi angkat itu kuyuk!

whimsical said...

hahahahahahha astaga i tengok balik si kuyuk!ada susuga pink lagi kan!wakaakakkaakakakak