Friday, June 13, 2008

Tea Party III

Foodies gang got together again for tea party today. Pasal makan jangan lawan. Ekonomi gawat ka..gempa bumi ka..tea party tetap berjalan seperti biasa. I soo couldn't wait for it..there were so much things we wanted to talk, plenty of 'latest developments' to catch up on, so I was delighted they turned up early.
Apa-apa pun makan dulu..baru story. I made them spaghetti, egg sandwich, cupcakes, carrotcake, choc cake and bread pudding. I hope they were well fed.My messy cupcakes. Did it just for Adek. She likes to just lick the icing off. But today, after the entree of icecreams ( no picture), she didn't pay much attention to these anymore.
Carrotcakes, choc eggless cake and bread pudding.
Shabbymom brought me these, homemade choc chipsmore. Yummy.
Wrapped prettily in a biscuit tin.
And very moist choc chip cupcakes.
Adek, clearly enjoying her spaghetti.

They started to get bored after eating and pulled on antics. At one point, Kakak poured water on Adek's head!..hahahahah!!! (don't worry about it Shabbymom). So we proceeded outdoor. Let them play ball and ran around.
A distraction. Somebody spotted frog in the pond.
If you look hard, there's a tiny frog at the corner. Blend very well with the pond.
Chacha showing her camera to Helmy and let him take a look. Which she regretted as Helmy took off and went snappy happy and ignored her plea to return it. Poor dear!
This one is a clear outdoor person! Having the time of her life running around in the field and trying comically to shield herself from the sun glare.

A tour in the garden. My ripe tomatoes. I've used them and yes they are sweet.

My chilli plants.They each get a plastic of these, compliment from Fabmom's vegetable patch.
Three hours flew too fast. They had to leave already. We're so doing this again. Bye Shabbymom!
Bye Whimsy! Please come again! You guys are welcome anytime!!


Shabbymom said...

astaga...c adek balik rumah aku kasi mandi terus tidur...c kakak tidur jam 8mlm...kami angkut saja mau keluar jumpa pak long jun nya...inda bangun-bangun bah...terpaksa tah beangkat saja....kelagi panat badar!!!!

fabmom said...

ya ka!! mana inda.. banar2 jogging bah c adek atu!! berapa kali ia belusir dari ujung ke ujung!hahahahh!

whimsical said...

tiada foto egg sandwich kan.i like like the sandwich o.tq for the goodie bag ya!i had a blast with the tea party.

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