Friday, July 15, 2011

my mind is far away

I'm still here, I'm just drifting away in lazyland. But time to get up and pull the socks. The month is wrapping up, can you believe it, soon we are fasting.

But right now, I'm preoccupied with thoughts of my eldest son being away from us for the first time. He's now in Singapore on a school trip. He's gone for 5 days. I'm not worried, I'm sure he's ok and enjoying it. I'm anxious how he's coping, you know handling his own luggage and stuffs. All this while, he never lift a finger when we travel. I pack his clothes, I pick what he wears, everthing is laid down on the bed when he gets out of shower. I tell him when to take his vitamins/medicines. He does nothing. NOTHING.

He's bunking with a Form 4 student so I'm hoping he could learn a few tips from the older kid, although when I met that boy at the airport, he didn't look that much mature to sama ja nda berakal...semua mama yang tunjukkan, dimana scan beg pun nda tau....

Ini kali la...habislah migraine cikgu2 nya mengurus dorang ni..

I'm excited to hear everything about the trip when he gets back tomorrow night. Maybe I'll share with you.
In the mean time, I'm off to Labuan in a couple of hours with the rest of my kids for kenduri arwah.

See you in a bit.

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val said...

M malas ku komen terdahulu ku inda appear. tell us more ah