Friday, March 21, 2008


we had our first bbq at the new home last night sempena cuti Maulidur Rasul (connection?).
such a pity it was raining tho' we still managed to do it just a little bit outdoor.
couldn't take photos as fabmom was busy entertaining n then distracted by the little one who suddenly got itchy eye and it progressively became red and swollen. adui!!! thankfully i've got the opthalmic cream and the problem subsided over time.

the rain didn't go on all night, luckily. normally its quaint n quiet here. suddenly i find the big house buzzed with noise. big noise. kids running around in the yard. some others blasting the CD games volume. maids giggling in the kitchen. the ladies in the living room, the men at the!

nda best kan tiada pictures.still, i'm not sure if i can upload it. weird internet connection here. i'm using celcom line, 3G watcher. our TMB line not connected yet.

it's a long weekend. so what are u guys up to?

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