Sunday, March 30, 2008

Salad Sensation

I'm taking a break from baking. It's now salad time ! I got this fabulous book on salad that hubby bought for me months ago but I didn't get around to do. It has a complete list of starter salads, main course salads, classic salads, side salads, you name it.

Today I'm making a classic salad and a side salad.

For classic, it's Caesar Salad. The ingredients are much too simple, consisting only lettuce, croutons and some parmesan cheese. But it's all in the dressing which combine egg, lemon juice, garlic, lots of olive oil and a dash of worchestershire sauce. God! it's so yummy, delightful and it just goes well with the croutons you don't need anything else! The taste is so full-filling.

For side salad, it's one named Yoghurt Salad. It's a side, so the dressing is simple but you won't believe how a mixture of yoghurt and honey could wake your bud so much! It's sweet smelling too. It says natural yoghurt but I only had orange flavour light yoghurt. It works even better I think. The salad ingredients are grapes, cabbage, sultanas and 1/2 cup cashewnuts! Imagine crunchy, savoury, sweet..divine! I'm definitely making these over and over again.

You should all try these. It takes no time to prepare and it's yummy!

There are hundreds more in the book that I'm going to experiment one by one. So, just wait for my review.Happy Sunday!

Yoghurt Salad. I know the picture doesn't look much. I halved the recipe since it's only me & hubby. And for my own good, I cut down the cashewnuts.
Caesar Salad. Again the picture doesn't do justice. But belive me, the taste is superb.


wanaryani said...

Weyyyy....makan salad saja kah??? but it sure looks d'elish ohhh the caesar fab!!!!...ok bye gud luck on your experiment!!!! happy salad day!!!!

yasmin said...

Hai Honey.. ni Honey yg leave msg di blog saya ke ? Anyway, tq for putting my link in your blog. Kita exchange links ye..Salad & the muffin looks good !

whimsical said...

mcm nyaman kan,ak mau test lah.tapi ok ka tu, atau mcm makan apple hijo?lepas makan mangkin lapar ayam?

fabmom said...

sedia la juga ayam panggang di tepi to be on the safe side!

fabmom said...

yes yasmin, that's me.
sila-sila la menjenguk sini. my baking main-main saja, tak se terror u.