Friday, March 28, 2008

Medical Check-up

Today I went for my annual medical check up. It's early for this year, I normally do around August but I missed last year, so I'm making up. Also, SMC launched their health screening packages so I just go for it. Took the executive package & add some tests for women health.

First they take your height, weight, test eyesight (macam apply kerja baru pula kan?).
Then Body Mass Index and Body Fat test.
Then blood test, urine test, blood pressure, pap smear (i hate this & u can't always get a lady doctor.this is one of those time).
Next ECG (for jantung, just in case). Then ultrasound for abdomen and pelvic. Finally the chest x-ray.
Done in 2 hours. Results in a week. Hope everything alright.

Now I got that off my list, I can focus to the next project. Still got something I'd like to do for my new image. (astaga..nda sudah sudah ). I can't let on now, I'll tell u when I've done it. Surprise !

Have a nice weekend y'all !