Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cabbage Slaw With Dates and Apples

That's the salad I made today. Because I ate too much at lunch (really! I took 2nd helping of nasi!), I'm back to salad for dinner.
It's a combination of cabbages, apples and dates. I'm glad I found this recipe, I've still got a big packet of dates in the fridge. The dressing is made of olive oil, honey, vinegar and salt&pepper. The taste is crunchy, fresh but not boring. The dates made quite a difference. Next time I probably omit the black pepper. Macam nda masuk saja..And pile on the dates. They're good. There's a tip on avoiding discoloration in the apples. You toss them in lemon juice before mixing them in the salad. The recipe also says to sprinkle caraway seeds before serving. I don't know what on earth caraway seeds are, so I substitute with roasted almond flakes. Great!
And if you think cabbage is too crunchy for your taste, you could cut down the portion and sub it with lettuce.

Until the next salad, goodnight !


wanaryani said...

Wahhhh...salad AGAIN!!!! but tu belanga quality kutin tu bisai bah kan...still a gud buy!!!....aku tangah baking bah ni...boring...tulah sambil baking sambil buka blog...tangah bake chocolate chip cookies!

whimsical said...

puan salad. caraway seed tu apa ah.entah entah yg benih benih hitam yg c krishna taruh di kari kepala ikan kali kan.yg isu dulu pasal ada unsur2 dadah tu.do ya think thts it?

fabmom said...

Ntah, malas aku menggoogle, Val. C Min kali tau.