Monday, April 14, 2008

Letting Go

It breaks my heart to part with my old furnitures, none of which could fit in with the new home decor. God knows I love teak furnitures. Looking at these cabinets all empty now, is painful. I just have fond memories of them as they made the beginning of my passion in english country interior, once upon a time. I'm one of those people who hold on to their treasured belongings a bit ferociously. I don't have many pieces, but I treasure them. my first buy from Teak Village
my only buffet and hatch-Teak Village

From Perabot Seri Jati (or something like that, near old Krishna)

There are a couple more I had to leave behind , the one housing my crystals and a small corner cabinet where I used to display my bone chinas. We did try to bring it in here and blend, but it terribly mismatched with the present interior, absolutely couldn't work with the design.

And then there are little decors that hubby refrained me from bringing along. He won't have the walls crowded with these. (it's not a CROWD, only 2 !!)

Heck! I'll find a way! I have no choice for the furnitures, but these little cuties are staying with me! I won't give them away. I won't.


whimsical said...

memang sad mau kasi lepas barang-barang kan.tapi takpe.baik u lelong di blog u bah.daripada dibiar di sana, nanti inda bejaga...very sayang one o

wanaryani said...

ya ohhh baik u lelong....sayangggg kan ...bisai lakat!

yasmin said...

Fabmom, I need a book cabinet now, wish I'm there, boleh u jual kat I kan.

yasmin said...

Hai Fabmom, jangan la kau bersedih..your new house is so beautiful. Tak boleh ke bawa aja furnitures tu, put in any spare room. Sayangkan nak tinggal.