Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dusun Wedding

Today I attended the wedding of my..biras..punya..anak buah. (whimsy, c Wilfred Kurin punya nephew bah!). Wilfred or Farid Abdullah is the husband of my hubby's sister. The reception is held at his sister's (mother of the groom) home in Kg Keliangau, Menggatal. A bit deep up the hill. father of the groom welcoming guests

I amused myself with this adorable cute niece of them

'beragong' they said, main kulingtangan la tu

the pengantin
Punya lama menunggu pengantin ni dari Kuala Penyu! my kids got cranky and menyesal ikut!
Luckily it wasn't xtremely hot. They said this place, kalau malam sejuk macam ada air-con. Maybe, it's up the hill.
malay catering for muslim guests

home cooking for non-muslim guests

Malas la aku mo zoom apa benda masakan dorang tapi memang teda 'babe' la. Masakan chinese style saja.

rounds of drinks. jaga tersalah ambil. carlsberg!

Not a totally traditional dusun wedding I'm guessing, just a simple and relaxed reception party for family and friends.


Val Aziz said...

Is that a 'tangga' from the little cake to the big cake? so nice lah.

whimsical said...

uii jaga terminum carlberg. nyaman la d foodie?