Thursday, January 26, 2012

The menu is fish

The main star of last night's bbq, that is. (Apa! Makan2 lagi?).

Gitu lah.

My brothers inlaw together with hubby, after a golf session yesterday morning had a sudden urge to eat home-barbequed fish and decided then to have bbq at home. The text came from my sister before I got word from hubby, basically saying there'll be bbq party at my place 7.30pm that evening. Oh really? I'm invited to my own party? And when was hubby going to tell me this? It was 3.00 pm. What do I cook?

They were getting the fish. I was to cook rice and some vege dish and make enough dipping sauce. Oh, alright.

And then the fish came at 5pm.
Oh my god. Did they buy the entire boat load? BECAUSE that's a whole LOT of fish. Wow... I stared at the basin and stared at hubby who just shrugged. Can we finish this? Hubby was thinking the same and started texting his other staffs to come.

Three hours later....

Yummy, yummy, yummy...oooo...punya sedap pula ikan belanak yang besar2 ni bila di panggang! ( i just learned the name). Kulit dia yg tebal menyebabkan isi dia masak macam kena stim, lembut dan licin. Oh sure we can finish this and we did so without much difficulty. It was the only main meal anyway. No chickens or lambs to distract. For once we felt like we were eating healthy, less cholesterol-packed sort of.. but enter bubur durian+nasi made by MIL for dessert..hmmmm...lets just stop delusioning right...

what's in the basin is just half. more was still in marinating process.
the big fish makes 2 rounds of the tray, about 8pc, another trayful of ikan kembung, a tray of big ikan putih and a tray of ikan belais (both not pictured).

we got out both the bbq set (manual & gas) to speed up cooking.

ikan belanak - nasty looking but very tasty

my 3 darling helpers (tq dears)

Good night.


Val said...

M memang nampak berlemak tu ikan o kan!!!!

Shabbymom said...

malar makan2!!!....kitani pny makan2 bila tah?