Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Introducing new maid

Finally i have a maid. After searching high and low (as if). No I haven't really. The truth is, i didn't try hard , i'm getting quite comfortable with no maid. Tiring yes but satisfying, i set my own standards and sometimes the kids chip in where they can. I am managing fine. Hubby is the one concerned about me getting tired and stressed out.

Ok, maybe the biggest downside, i do get stressed out over a particular chore - cooking. I over think about cleaning up after, which i truly hate, which sees me opting for boring simple no mess meals. And then i stressed myself further trying to get creative, time efficient, energy saving and so on.

Righ, enough blabbering, i digress.

So meet Fitriyani. Just that, no surname. Nickname Nani. Compared to previous maids, this one is XL (ok call me mean, i'm just saying). But her face is cute. She's comel, that's the exact impression. Her record is good, she stays long with employer, not a job-hopper.

I hope i dont jinx the record by announcing this news.

Ok, till later, wish me luck with this one.


Shabbymom said...

hahahahahaha!....c nani lah namanya!....bah, bila kami mau bekenalan sama c nani?....kali c jeff pun marah indada overtime malam!...hehehehehe....c fabmom malar kepanatan...tidur awal saja!

fabmom said...

Hahaha! Itu la itu...hehe..nnt kita atur pertemuan..i cant wait to hear ur comment juga...cuti2 cny ni u p mana?

Shabbymom said...

CNY ni kami balum ada plan lagi ni!...kamu pi mana?

whimsical said...

Tahniah!!!!bila boleh buat meet the maid session? Mcm si kuman ka besar dia m?

fabmom said...

Hahaha V! Jgn jua kau mean! Hahahaha.. Monday la p rumah aku amacam? These 2 dys busy ckit.